23rd Aug 2001, 00:35

I too own a '95 Windstar van! Not surprised about hearing about all of these problems... I have to admit, I will never buy another FORD product.

We bought our van with only 38,000 miles, had only really drove it in the town that we live in, usually no further than about 80 miles round trip... Have always kept the maintenance up and felt secure on taking our van on a family vacation... Well, now we can call it a Ford Vacation, they really won, they took our money for the "new engine". On top of that we are from WA. state, making our way back to Iowa state, but ended up only in Montana, took a rental back here, because we were told that it would take 6 months for a engine, because of so many engines in demand! Go figure!

6 weeks later, we needed another vehicle, so we go and buy a Chevy on a Friday, Monday they call and tell me my van is ready! Knowing that the engine had been with them since Thursday and they do not bother to call! I was very annoyed! We were fortunate to have the "new manager" of the garage be from Washington, because he drove it back to Washington, because he needed to finish moving his wife and children to Montana, so we didn't have to pay for us to go back and get it. This was almost a year ago...

Last month we lost Drive, than we lost Reverse, at stop lights and signs, sometimes our van would go, other times we would push on the accelerator and just hear the engine rev, and than without notice it would jump and go! Took it to Aamco and boy, he wasn't surprised at all! He has fixed many of the 95 Windstar transmissions!

I'm so angry at Ford, they are this big company taking a huge bite out of us consumers!

How can we who make only $75,000 a year win??? Please someone somewhere must help all of us! This isn't just a money issue, it is also a danger issue!!! $2,900 later for the transmission! I still owe a ton on this piece of.... you all know what I'm talking about

9th Nov 2002, 18:38

I also have 1995 windstar that have head gasket leaking that cause the engine to blow ford will not fix the proble I am stuck with this van,

20th Mar 2003, 11:23

I have a 1995 Ford Wind Star and I have had to replace the transmission once and now it has gone out again! I cannot afford to purchase another one and I feel that the Ford Motor Company should reimburse me for the second one. Does anyone know if Ford offers a reimbursement program or where I can go to get some help with this?

2nd May 2003, 05:27

I bought a new 95 Ford Windstar in Oct of 1994. The transmission never worked well from day one. It would kick hard when put in reverse and would occasionally slip when rounding corners. If the slipping became more pronounced I would add transmission fluid and this would return the problem to the occasionally annoying condition. In 2000 after racking up about 85,000 mile or so the head gasket blew out. I paid 1200.00 to repair the damage and much to my surprise Ford reimbursed for the whole amount when I complained. The Windstar now has 134,000 miles on it and yesterday the transmission has finally gone off the deep end and has begun to severely slip. The Windstar has some redeeming qualities, but if later models of this vehicle continue to display these type of problems it points to some design, engineering and management deficiencies at Ford. Would I buy another Windstar??? Only if the price were several thousand below a Japanese competitor such as Honda or Toyota, and Ford offered 0% interest, a 5 year 50K mile warranty and gave me 2500.00 for the old Windstar to cover what I'll probably pay to fix the transmission.

27th Aug 2003, 13:37

Hi. I have a 1996 Ford Windstar. It has 84000 miles on it. Occasionally when I start it up, the van shimmies, and the check engine light starts blinking, then goes solid. The light stays on till I send it to my mechanic where he shuts it off, and again says he has no idea why this is happening. Anyone have the same problem?