2nd Jul 2008, 11:31

Wow. Got a 1999 Windstar. Ford makes the ABSOLUTE WORST mini-van in the world.

I was on my way home from duty (Navy) and had a 3 hour drive home. I was at an intersection at a stop light when (as I am sure you can guess) I heard a pop, and the van wouldn't go forward anymore. Reverse works great. Had it towed home (as it happened after 10 PM on a Sunday night). What a piece of junk. I thought about putting a new tranny in it but after everything I have read, I should just save my money and buy something better.

Really disappointed in American car quality, as I try to always buy American products. Have to say I won't be buying another piece of Ford again.

13th Jul 2008, 20:54

Well folks, lump us into the whole 99 Windstar mess. Everything listed has happened to us also, currently replacing tranny. Too bad Ford won't help out.

16th Jul 2008, 13:18

I am amazed that there are this many people have the same issues we are having on our '99 Windstar.

The tranny has gone at 54,000 miles, check engine light on constantly, ABS light flashing. Now the battery light is on after replacing the alternator and battery, the rust issue looks like a car from the 70's.

I guess I am doing pretty good though, this thing has lasted to 151,000 miles, but is ready to die any minute.

24th Jul 2008, 09:58

I have a 1999 Windstar. 180,000km (113,000 miles) on it. I put a trany cooler on it to bring the towing capacity to 4500lbs. I just towed my 4000lb trailer to the west coast and back for over 8500 miles. It worked very hard in the mountains. I don't think I can ever complain about the engine and trany on the van... but BIG BUT, the electricals are bad... on the way home we first lost the fuel gauge, then the next day we lost the odometer & speedometer & ABS light came on. No air either. A couple of hours later we lost the power rear windows, Then the radio went. The next day the odometer & speedometer came on for 10 miles. Then at the next gas station the brake lights would not go out. upon start-up the brake lights went out... and stayed out. No rear brake lights, running lights, signal lights. Later the fuel gage would work partially (for the next 3 fill-ups) It would go up to 1/8 to 1/4 tank. Now nothing works. My mechanic said there are over a dozen errors codes coming out of the computer. I have heard about the master cylinder leaking causing a short on the brake pressure deactivation switch and the ABS ECM module. We'll see if this can be fixed easily. The van is only worth $1000 so we'll see what I can do cheaply.

26th Jul 2008, 21:44

Just had a terrible experience with a 92 Toyota pickup. Wound up getting a 1999 Windstar with a new transmission, thought I really got a bargain at $3300.00 until I looked at this site to see if I could find out how to operate my alarm. Boy, am I scared now, door lock problems already, didn't care for a Ford product anyway, now I unfortunately own one. Pray for me!

28th Jul 2008, 17:22

I am looking at buying a 2002 or 2003 Windstar with 102000 miles. The price is 3500 to 4000 in excellent condition. (I found 1 of each) This blog has me very concerned whether or not I should buy one. Is the tranny problem mainly with 99 models or will I be screwed like most of you? Please give me your feedback.

6th Aug 2008, 17:04

Well I'm feeling very lucky. My wife and I have owned our 99 Windstar since new (Dec 98) we now have just over 350,000 k's on it. It has towed our trailers over most of the province and some US States vacationing. We have had some of the minor problem described above but overall has been a good vehicle even my Ford mechanic has commented how good it has been to us. That is until the other day as my daughter was on her way to work and it suddenly lost its drive and coasted to a stand still. So by the sounds of it I think we will give it its last rights and go shopping.

15th Aug 2008, 16:30

I bought a new 99 Windstar and the transmission blew yesterday at 59,000 miles. The dealer wants $3000 to replace it with a rebuilt transmission. Every other manufacturers have extended their warranty on the transmission to 100,000 miles if a problem is known to exist. Why is Ford not doing it when every other Windstar has this issue. In this tough economic times, spending $3000 on a transmission, I will have to feed my kids only once a day for another year. Please plan to open a class action lawsuit if some kind Attorney is reading this.

21st Aug 2008, 15:41

Unbelievable!! Embarrassed original owner of a 99Ford Windstar LX piece of crap with 119,000 miles on it. Had all the problems mentioned, & just replaced rack & pinion & needed a full tune up. OUCH.

Now just 3 weeks later, it won't start yet again.. they think it's a fuel pump (again!) but who knows.

I think everything in the car is new except the crappy interior.

We've also have the "phantom" interior lights go off & on for no reason for years, it's the running joke in the house.

Sad part is, we know it's a piece of crap but can't afford a car payment until at least June, so we keep throwing $$ at it to try & make it through. Even our mechanic WHO IS A FORD MECHANIC AT A DEALERSHIP says the cars are crap (by the way, he drives a foreign car.. what's that tell you?)

I know I'll be running to another brand of car first chance I can... you couldn't give me a Ford to drive again even if it was free.

28th Sep 2008, 10:14

Oh boy oh boy. I bought a 99 Ford Windstar second hand in August 2007. It had already had a rebuilt engine and tranny installed in Nov 2006 (according to repair bills included). I paid $3200 for the van and I figured it already had the major repairs done, so I should be able to expect at least 2 years out of this van before I am forced to scrap it and get something else.

My interior lights flash on and off when they want. Used to be just when I went over a bump, but now anything or nothing can trigger it.

Last month when it started to get cool at night, I switched my A/C to heat.. just cold air. I took the van in to a mechanic who tells me a "door" has to be replaced. Must remove whole dash, looking at 6-7 hours labour plus the part. The motor itself from Ford could cost 6-7 hundred?? I say thanks but no thanks, take it somewhere else and they jimmy it, so I have no A/C but my heat Works total bill 363 incl tax.. too bad I had to pay the idiot $100.00 to tell me it could not be fixed for under $1000.00 labour alone.

I am really hoping I can get one more year with no tranny or rack and pinion problems I have been reading about.. then I will feel I have gotten my $$ worth. Having said all that, it is a very comfortable van to drive.

Wish me luck!