18th Mar 2008, 09:24

I too have a 1999 Ford Windstar SE. We bought it in 2003 and didn't really have any problems until a few years later. It will be going back to Ford this week for the check engine light that has been on for the past 2-3 years and the o/d light that flashes at times while driving. We have taken it in before to have the check-engine light fixed, but nobody can seem to figure out the problem.

I have had some of the other problems that have been mentioned here also. I have experienced the cabin lights flashing for no reason, "clicking" noises, and right now the back wiper works when it feels like it.

I must say... over all I am not impressed! My next van... Toyota... here we come!!

27th Mar 2008, 11:49

Two days ago the O/D light on our 1999 Ford Windstar started to flash. Once we turned the car off and then on again, the blinking O/D light was no longer flashing. The car lurched when increasing speed; the car was having trouble shifting.

Yesterday while driving, the gears started to slip, and the car wouldn't go faster than 20 mph. After stopping at a light, he pressed on the gas and the car wouldn't go at all. He was able to turn the car from a major road onto a side road, but my husband and I ended up pushing the car into a parking spot. It was really embarrassing!

We had it towed to a transmission shop. Of course we needed a new transmission. We've decided not to replace the transmission because the van's Blue Book value is only $2000, and it will cost that much to replace it with a used transmission. Forget about putting a brand new one, as that would cost over $3000. The car is paid for, so to the junk yard it goes. It's sad; our Ford making it to 105,089 is probably considered a good run.

My husband has vowed that we will never own another Ford. We'll most likely never own an American car again, given his dad's Toyota Camry has over 200,000K miles on it and has never needed a thing.

28th Mar 2008, 09:52

I'm just curious if you followed the scheduled maintenance, which includes having the transmission fluid and filter changed every 30,000 miles. Regular maintenance of machines tends to make them last longer.

14th May 2008, 13:44

I have a 2003 Windstar. Back in 2006 I brought it to the dealer because the engine surged forward while idle. They noted they could not find the problem. Now I brought it back for the same problem because it is getting worse and they found the problem. BUT now it is NOT under warranty. They said it is a leak in the lower intake manifold and want me to pay. But when it was under warranty, they couldn't find it and noted it. I have the documentation. I called Ford itself and nobody wants to help me, and the eastern regional manager even hung up on me. If anyone has any input on what I should do, it would be greatly appreciated.



15th May 2008, 15:55

Kim: since you have documentation you may consult with a lawyer. Ask for a lawyer with experience in similar cases. Lawyers charge money too, but maybe the dealer can be persuaded if he knows you know your rights.

16th May 2008, 12:38

I have a Windstar 99 (only 52k miles). Check engine signal was on for a few months but no obvious problem except stalled a few times at stop light, last week I sent it to the garage to check, they told me everything was fine, except may smell a tiny leak of coolant inside the car, he just adjusted the idle speed up saying that would take care of the stalling at stop light, he also told me "No need to worry". So I took it back, and the next day I drove it, after 5 miles, the engine just blew a hole underneath the oil pan, all oil leak through, and now the same garage told me a new engine is needed! Do you think he did something wrong which caused the engine blew up? Thanks for any advice.

13th Jun 2008, 11:15

I think I want to cry after reading all the problems. What a piece of crap these trucks are.

Yes, I too, paid 5000 for my 99 Windstar 2.5 years ago with 70k... since then, at 85,000 miles, about 1 year after owning it, TRANSMISSION DIES no warning... only went into reverse... so okay, kind of had to fix it... wow 1800 bucks for a new one...ouch..

Then the lower body panels start RUSTING.. (like the old Aerostars used too).. in a matter of one year... from zero rust to bad rust along the bottom both sides!! Even the frame underneath is rusting!!!

The check engine light is on more than off..

The newest issue I am getting an error code for evap leak (emissions). Yes I changed the gas cap... the dealer wants 400+ to find/fix it... Now the engine bucks sometimes for no reason, sometimes it stutters HARD, like someone is cutting the power to the ignition, and flipping it back on a second later, now it seems to momentarily slip in in out of overdrive too; will pop up/down about 200 rpm .. (speed sensor was already replaced)..

Oh yes, then I get a shake in the front at speed over 45.. OK get it aligned, nope... not that.. so they asked if I hit any ruts hard and damaged the tires? I said no.. so, just to be sure, I buy 4 brand new tires, aligned/balanced, etc.. problem gone? Nope.. so OK they said the rims themselves are "bent/out of balance", so I buy 4 new rims, remount the new tires.,balance, etc.. problem solved? Nope.. to this very day the front end shakes over 50... Never mind ALL the other issues like a failed AIR CONTROL VALVE, frozen tensioner, brakes, etc...

How is it humanly possible that there is not a CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT?... there are soooooo many of us with identical problems.. most of the most expensive part besides the motor.. the TRANNY!!! Someone kill me please.. Now what do I do?

Who wants to buy this thing now? Yes it has a rebuilt tranny.. but it stutters, has terrible rust, and a check engine light that can't be fixed without $500 plus... so I invested 5k +$350 (tax) + 2k (tranny) + $500 (tires/rims) + miscellaneous.. I have spent 8k+, and I will be lucky to get 2k for it now.. so I lose $6000 in 2.5 years of use... (on a vehicle that cost me $5000)... HOW IS IS THIS HUMANLY POSSIBLE?

If any one wishes to contact me. I have photos/reciepts.. feel free to email me.. orbithead@aol.com

16th Jun 2008, 20:25

Wow... I own a 99 Wind-Star.. I have experienced pretty much everything that has been mentioned... As for the Check engine light, I was able to get mine fixed after 2 years... A mechanic friend of mine at the local Ford dealership told me that there is a service bulletin that all shops should have... He called it a "Ford Tech Bulletin" he rattled off the #'s which I do not remember... With that said there are 6-7 gaskets under the throttle body that can be changed.. It took him about 45 minutes... My friend changed them out for me and to this day No More Check Engine Light.. Now he has it for the rack and pinion going out...