30th Nov 2007, 13:55

I have a 1999 Ford Windstar we bought when it was 2 years old. Our engine light, O/D light has been on since 2001. We have had it checked and attempted to be fixed, but it lasts only a week or so and its back on. Two weeks ago I was at a red light and the transmission went. Same scenario as everyone else, sounded like it literally fell out. However prior to this it was not shifting into gear and would rev loud, but you couldn't get it moving. At the same time my gas mileage, speedometer and RPM gage was completely wonky. The needles would flicker back & forth, sometimes land at 0 and then 180km. This would come & go, it would work fine for a few days and then go all crazy. So there were many times I didn't know what speed I was doing. We had it fixed (so we thought) within a week it was back to the same way. I'm told this is another thing Ford Windstars are famous for. SO HAS ANYONE HAD THIS CLUSTER PROBLEM WITH ALL THE GAGES. In the meantime I received 5 photo radar speeding tickets because of my estimations during those times.

9th Dec 2007, 15:28

It is amazing how many windstar owners have had codes 171 & 174 (fuel too lean). Ford should recall all with this problem since we are spending much trying to correct this problem. Ford are you listening???

20th Dec 2007, 19:59

My 1999 windstar is going in for service for probable transmission problems. My handicapped husband was able to get into the passenger side, which is the reason the minivan was originally purchased. We have been disgusted with all the repair work done and now are without transportation.

27th Dec 2007, 13:04

It is Dec. 27th 2007.

We bought a '97 Windstar GL 3 years ago, and obviously we were duped. From the get go, the seller (private) tampered with and had reset the "Check Engine Light" so we did not see it then (during testing/evaluation) and only saw it after few more miles/days. It was the dreaded P0171/P0174 (lean banks). Luckily there is a nice post on how to fix that (http://leckemby.net/windstar/windstar01.html); it will save you (as it did with us) a $1000 at least (the dealer wanted $1200 to fix this... parts are less than a $100, shop on the Internet).

The door ajar light (WD40 on trunk door sensors), rear A/C blew hot air (the control module need replacing, FORD were using a tiny piece of plastic that simply goes bad), speedometer going wild after 40 MPH (I never fixed this, but bought a GPS), etc... After checking the net, I managed to fix few of them myself and simply left the others. My OD light started blinking, and that was the end, when I realized it is the transmission ($2K at least, my car is worth less than that - I'd rather throw it away and breath a sigh of relief).

Obviously FORD had put an absolute piece of junk out there, it beats me as to why would they do that??? Don't they have access to the net to see all of this, and maybe use it as free user feedback to improve their product - may be even say thank you to all of us who had to put up with this nonsense. I do not think it would have been a business stroke of genius if they upped the price by $2-3K, and made a high quality product to be proud of, that lasts, with no aggravations, high resale value and everybody wins, and I mean everybody. As it would seem most of us here truly wanted to buy American; I did, and now I regret it and I'm very mad.

I though I was naïve, and may be I am, as I still considered buying a 1999 Windstar SEL just few days ago. It had the P0171/P0174 check engine light… it looked fine and was cheap… but then it dawned on me. I absolutely care less about buying American any more… I'll buy a good product that I can afford, a reliable product period.

America used to be the emblem of high quality; now it is the laughing stock for garbage quality. You know it's a sad day when you take your car to the mechanic, and they know the problem and the fix by simply looking at the make/model.

3rd Jan 2008, 11:02

I can ditto all of your comments (negative ones) and I'm looking for a new car today; Toyota or Honda. Folks like to say buy American, but Ford makes it almost impossible with the sub-par quality that they deliver with a competitive promise. Ford has to be Toyota or Hondas best sales rep.

8th Feb 2008, 10:11

My wife and I have suffered through huge medical expenses with my daughter who was born prematurely at 1lb 6.5 oz and our credit is shot. We only had my 98 GMC Sierra standard cab pick up (a great rig all around) and with a family it didn't work really well. We looked around and by some miracle we were approved for a loan so we shopped for a mini van. We found a 2001 Windstar with about 120k on it. It seemed solid and a great deal... 2 days later the ABS brake light came on, the passenger side front door does not unlock remotely or from the master switch on the driver's door, the window in the same door will not roll down, and now the check engine light has come on. I wish we would have chosen a different route. Now I am afraid that we will be getting into costly repairs that we can't afford. What a disappointment Ford has become.

16th Feb 2008, 02:32

OK...lets see here...

1999 Windstar purchased 3 years ago with 50k miles.

Like everybody else the rack and pinion has been replaced... and the tranny went out 14 months ago... was rebuilt by AAMCO... well today my OD light started flashing, the car jerks from 1st to 2nd gear AND the tranny is slipping...SO...it appears that it is ready for another tranny here...

First and LAST FORD EVER!!!

Absolutely ridiculous how everybody has the same story...


1st Mar 2008, 20:17

This will put a smile on your face!!! My Ford nightmare is just the same as everyone elses, sitting at stop light, press gas, loud bang, no forward gears! You know the story; 2000 Windstar and now I am the proud owner of a new Honda Odyssey!!

Oh yeah, the way my golden retriever loved to ride in that van I am thinking of giving it to her as a dog house, and at least someone in this world will enjoy that piece of junk!!

2nd Mar 2008, 14:09

Wow, going to a Honda Odyssey is like going out of the frying pan and into the fire for transmission problems. Good luck.

2nd Mar 2008, 15:21

I purchased 1999 Aerostar 1 year ago. Immediately the engine light came on. Ford shop had no idea why it was on. Reset it and it was off for about 20 miles then come back on. Yesterday it started to surge when you come to a stop. Back to the shop we go.

3rd Mar 2008, 15:58

"I purchased 1999 Aerostar 1 year ago"

You meant to say "Windstar". Aerostars were discontinued after '97.