17th Oct 2007, 09:27

**UPDATE from my last post in Sept 07. The rack and pinion on my 99 Windstar SEL is going out yet again. That's another $700 problem I cannot afford to fix.

I did do a google search and found that the little rack and pinion part can be bought for under $200...so I am assuming it must be a real headache to install?? Considering the mechanic charges alittle over $700 to fix.

This Ill buy a Haynes Repair manual and attempt to see if my husband can fix it.


17th Oct 2007, 11:49

Your mechanic should give you an itemized estimate. That way you can tell what the parts cost and what the labor costs. If the cost for the part is a lot higher than what you would be paying over the Internet you might convince him to give you a better deal. My mechanic did this several times.

Having the Haynes manual helps understanding what is involved with a particular remove and replace job. The rack and pinion replacement isn't exactly easy. I hope your husband is not only handsome, but also very handy and well equipped!

17th Oct 2007, 13:51

I have had the same problems... door thought was my son... so owe him an apology... lights and codes for sensors on several times and replaced... now od light and check engine light on... it is hunting season now. Come on "windstar" we are going to the Nissan woods.

29th Oct 2007, 13:10

I happen to like my 99 Ford Windstar.

I did buy it new and had the extended warranty.

My van has performed well over the years. Granted it's had its problems. The extended warranty saved me money more than once. Plus the dealer treats you better when you've spent the extra money. And it's honored across the country by Ford.

Back to the van.

I've got 99,xxx miles logged on it.

The check-engine light is on from 60,xxx miles till today.

It also came on at 30,xxx miles.

It's a servicing nag!

The dealer said I could shut it off if I didn't want to bring it in.

"Just unplug the Pos. battery cable (take it off the battery). And turn the key on for a minute or two. This drains the power out of the system and resets the computer memmory." Voila, plug the battery back in and the check-engine light went off.

Now I suppose if your light comes back on, you might want to pay to have the computer read for any faults that may still exist.

One other note: This will erase the radio presets. So plan on having to re-enter them.



2nd Nov 2007, 23:07

Well, I am now part of the "99 Windstar Club" My car is at the garage awaiting for transmission repairs, same thing I have been reading over and over, O/D flashing light came on, then no more forward, only reverse. As soon as I'll get it back it's going for sale. The mechanic is offering to repair it which it will entitle me to a year warranty, or get a refurbished one for $400 less, but 3 months warranty, I think I will have opt for the second option, I just hope I will be able to sell it before the transmission breaks down again.

6th Nov 2007, 12:50

Wow, I can't believe that everyone here has had the same trans and rack and pinion repairs we have had on our windstar. Anyone know if the lemon law applies?

Our heat blend door is now "broke" according to the dealer. We get air blowing through, but it is cold. I would like my husband to take the radio out and investigate, but he a little unsure how to do it. I read another thread where a guy did it. Anyone know how this is done? Thanks!

15th Nov 2007, 10:32

All of these comments have me good and scared now. I owned a 1995 Ford Windstar, but when we were having our third child I wanted the dual sliding doors so two years ago we found a 2000 Windstar with 87,000 kilometers on it for $9900 and bought it. It was only a few months later that the 'check engine' light started coming on, but an oil change and a new air filter solved the problem. The check engine light always comes on when the van is due for an oil change although the light is on now and has stayed on for months now. For months I have had a whole bunch of things happen in addition to the check engine light, here is my list:

1) Cruise control started working sporadically and then stopped working altogether.

2) Driver's door (and recently front passenger door) doesn't lock/unlock automatically.

3) Brake fluid with be low as if there is a slow leak.

4) 'Low windshield washer fluid' message comes on every time I start the van even though it is full to the top.

5) Air conditioning suddenly died towards the end of August.

6) Trouble with lock on back hatch and now the door won't open at all which renders my van a bit useless.

7) Tie rod ends now need replacing (although this isn't related to the transmission issues)

8) O/D light has recently started blinking when I start the van with a 'check transmission' message. When this light is blinking the automatic sliding doors won't open and the doors won't automatically lock when the van is put in drive. When I drive for a minute the light goes off and everything seems fine. In order to open the door for the kids I have to turn the van off and then the door are fine.

My family always owned Fords and I have never had a transmission problem, but now I am really worried because I am still paying for this van. I haven't been able to afford to trade it in and now I really can't. I should have bit the bullet and got rid of it a few months ago, but my husband was unwilling to get a new vehicle. We still have the 1995 van and it still runs great with over 200,000 kilometers on it so I guess I will have to go back to driving that one.

I guess it is time to get away from Ford.

20th Nov 2007, 20:50

I own a 1999 windstar and I have notice that many of the complains are with the 1999 models, So many people with all the same Issues (including myself!).

Is any one knows if there was/is a class action against Ford because of all this problems?.


24th Nov 2007, 19:27

I have a 1999 Ford Windstar that my wife drives -- bought it new. The only parts that have not been replaced are the engine, transmission, air conditioner (as of yet). Oh yeah, I think there is a bolt in the engine compartment that has not been replaced. We bought it new, with a 6 year extended warranty. Boy, did we get our money's worth out of the extended warranty.

Actually, I found out the best place to take it for fix-it service, has been the Ford dealership. I think they have lots of experience working on these. The last thing that died on the Windstar was the wipers -- in the middle of a rain storm. Turned out to be the wiper motor.