26th Feb 2004, 01:04

Only have this to say re: Ford Wind star 1999

Ditto, ditto, ditto...transmission, steering rack, engine light. Ford does not seem to have a warranty, it's more like an expiration date... if you make it that far. Be careful if you're told your transmission was overhauled, that just means they put a band aid without care of the future ramifications. Never ever to return to Ford again.

1st Apr 2004, 08:41

We bought our 1999 Windstar in February 2002.December 2002 we had to have the transmission replaced. it was under warranty so we didn't complain too much. This morning the transmission went again and will only drive in reverse. The warranty expired at 95,000 miles, our odometer reading is 98,000 so the dealer won't help us. 2 transmissions in 16 months, we can't afford to repair it and still owe $10,000 on it. Any suggestions?

21st May 2004, 10:53

I have a 2000 Windstar with 65 KM's on it. The transmission is shot. Ford's "customer service" was sympathetic, but not helpful after all they sold one to another sucker. With all the problems they are having with transmissions why do they not acknowledge that and do the responsible thing? Why do the North American car manufacturers wake up and listen to there own ad's. There is no quality!! "Built for Life in Canada" That is a sad commentary on our life expectancy north of the boarder. I will NEVER by another Ford product again.

28th May 2004, 15:09

I am absolutely outraged that my 1999 Ford Windstar's transmission failed after 74000 miles. I was stopped at a light, stepped on the gas, it hesitated a few times, and then a loud bang. All forward gears were out. I managed to back out of traffic and had it towed.

I bought it new and have been religious about maintenance. I expected it to last maybe 15 to 20 years. But after reading many postings at numerous sites all over the internet, I have learned that my transmission is ancient in terms of other 1999 Ford Windstar's average failure rates.

I owned a '62 Ford Econoline previous to this van, drove it for 25 years, and got 250K out of it. That Econoline never left me stranded like I was yesterday. I developed an obviously false sense of loyalty to Ford. How can a transmission fail at 74000 miles when it has not been remotely abused, but maintained vigilantly? This is either planned obsolescence or gross negligence by Ford. Is there a class action suit in the works? At any rate, this is my last Ford.

3rd Aug 2004, 11:00

Same person as above. The transmission went out like this stopped at stop light took off loud bang then it would not drive. I was stuck in the middle of the highway, me and my 2 children. The power locks don't work half the time, the power door does not work half the time and one of the sway bar rods has gone out. And it continually drives horrible. If you owe less than it is worth get rid of it. (Regarding 1999 ford windstar).

16th Aug 2004, 11:54

My 1999 Windstar SE had a Motorcraft rebuilt transmission installed at 96,200 miles. The first one began slipping and was deemed unrepairable. The total cost was $2800.00. It was suggested that I buy the 'good' rebuilt from Ford because it had a longer warranty. My Windstar now has 133, 178 miles (36,978 miles, or 978 miles beyond the warranty) and the transmission has failed again. I cannot even get it out of my driveway. According to the dealer the warranty has expired and they are under no obligation to do anything further.

Does anyone know the result of the class-action lawsuit regarding 1995 model year Windstars?

Has anyone had a reasonable result pursuing the Ford Good Will Program?

16th Aug 2004, 21:57

I also own a 1999 Windstar. Unlike most comments I have read, my transmission did not go out, but I did have a clucking noise on a hard re acceleration after a rolling stop. I have racked up 160,000 on my vehicle with the engine light on and no one can fix that??? Sat. on my way down state my Windstar decided to flicker the oil light and give me a couple clanging noises and quit. I managed to get to the shoulder of the expressway. I checked the oil and was less than a quart low. But, when added, all that I got was a click. Engine blown... Great, now I am looking for a new vehicle (not a Ford). My vehicle sits at a Ford Dealer and I sit here without a reliable vehicle. I have to add that I come from a Ford Family, several siblings work for Ford and I worked for Ford for 14 years. I will not buy another Ford, I am looking for a Chevy product now??!! I still have my 1982 Ford Escort Wagon that I now have to drive, thank god that it is still running, to get me back and forth to work. Will I have a chance to get Fords help----no way----as a previous post stated---Taurus engines are used in Windstars. I am screwed as is everyone that posts here. Thanks for listening to me vent. Lori.

27th Aug 2004, 16:35

We bought a 1999 Ford Windstar new in 1999. 5 years and 83K miles later, the only major problems under the hood have were a hose that had to be replaced and a new set of brakes, no big deal. Electrically, that's another story. This is our second CD/radio, because the first would spit out the CD and reset all the stations and the clock. Not so bad, it became kind of a character quirk after the 12K mile electrical warranty ran out. Today, with 3 kids under 4, the air-conditioning, radio, tach, speedometer, oil pressure, water temp and odometer went out. And for 2 months the passenger side brake light won't work. So now it sits, in the driveway, undriveable till the dealership gets time to look at it. My husbands F150 gave us 11 years and 154K miles, as have his brother's and his dad's. Why shouldn't I be able to expect the same from my van? Has anyone else had the same problems with the electronics? I think it might be something in the ignition switch. I wonder because the service dept didn't sound surprised about the radio. Thanks!

27th Sep 2004, 10:58

I too am dissatisfied with my 99 Windstar SE. I have lost my transmission twice once in April 04 and again in September 04. I have had many cars, even cars from junk yards and I have never put one transmission in them let alone two. On top of the trans problems I've had my wipers don't work I think the motor went out, my check engine light is always on and the van just runs plain bad. It shakes and trembles and feels like it wants to die out. This van just makes me feel unsafe especially if I have my kids with me. Is there any recourse for us consumers? Shouldn't Ford be held accountable for their products?

27th Oct 2004, 13:07

I purchase a 1999 Windstar SEL December 2003 with 75K miles on it. Previous to yesterday I never had any problems with it, While I was driving to work on the interstate my O/D light started blinking, the transmission warning light came on. So I pulled over check my fluid it was normal. So I continue to work. While driving home I driving 70-75 MPH then all of a sudden my engine RPM goes up no noises I pull over it will not go forward or reverse. I'm interested in a class action as well email me at shrinerman30@aol.com.