28th Oct 2004, 10:45

I have a 99 Windstar with 73,000 miles on it. I have had it to three mechanics and they cannot figure out why it stalls when it is below a half tank of gas and then will only drive forward. I have had to drive it in reverse a couple times on the road to get it off of the road. When I fill up the gas tank it runs fine. I am seriously considering trading this thing in for a Chevy before my transmission goes. It is only a matter of time before I am stranded with my 2 children in that piece of crap. Should have listened to my Dad!!!

30th Nov 2004, 13:05

I just purchased a 99 Windstar LX with 42000 miles. I am a single mother of three to raise and I wish I would have read these reviews before I purchased this van. I am now literally scared to death. I'll just pray everyday before I start it for "God" to lay his hand under the hood and keep us safe.

8th Dec 2004, 22:49

We just bought a used 1999 Ford Windstar with 95K miles on it. I hate it already. It's too darn small compared to our Grand Dodge Caravan. I have a feeling we may be in for trouble since having read these postings. We just got it tonight and I feel like I want to give it back when the sun comes up!!!

26th Jan 2005, 23:50

I have 1999 Windstar LX van. It was towed yesterday at 7:00 PM luckily just I got out of the highway. The transmission was gone when I stopped to turn right and tried to go forward. It went only reverse. I thought some other car hit the back of my vehicle. But, it wasn't. Before the problem, I had several warning signs of engine light, O/D light, oxygen sensor. I think I have to buy a new car instead of fixing the car after I read the same comments. I bought the car in May in 1999 and it's just over 100,000km now. Thanks for the comments.

31st Jan 2005, 14:26


My 2000 Windstar's transmission just went out last week. 76k miles on it. At a stop sign, and thud! No forward gears. Only had a reverse gear. This card has been nothing, but problems!

The Ford dealership (where we had been doing repairs and religiously having service done) has simply shrugged its shoulders. I originally had it towed to them for an inspection. I don't think I'm under warranty, and they want $900 bucks just to open it up to look. When I called to complain, the service rep now said that he didn't think it was worth opening it up, since it would be $3,200 bucks additional to replace.. What a bunch of jerks.

Any suggestions? A used tranny? Perhaps a shop like AAMCO? Maybe just back it into the dealer service center in reverse (through the closed doors) and leave it??

4th Apr 2005, 16:57

I usually do not purchase extended warranties, but My 1999 Windstar LX came with a hefty payment, so I wanted to cover it for major repairs at least until it was paid for. Good thinking on my part.

Small nitpicking problems like the interior lights coming on while driving, the cover over the pillar at the right side of the windshield falling off, the plastic piece that holds up the sun visors falling off, and the rubber grommets falling off the sliding doors have been the norm. The engine light coming on raised concerns, but the warranty covered the intake manifold gasket, and a year later, when the light came on again, it was covered again. The $50 deductibles were annoying, but not a back breaker. Then the bottom started to fall out.

I serviced the car at the dealer while it was under warranty, with a few exceptions, but always according to the Ford maintenance schedule. At 44,000 miles, I brought it in for brakes. I was told that both front rotors were cracked, most likely the result of overheating the brakes. I asked how it was possible to overheat brakes, being that it is relatively flat where I live, and I was told that I probably let the brakes go too long. When I mentioned that the dealer had been inspecting the brakes during tire rotations, and reporting that they were good, they went back to the overheating theory. Rotors and brakes are considered a wear item and not covered by the warranty. $605.

At 51,000 miles, at an intersection on a slight incline, a thud, and the van rolled backward, almost causing an accident. Hats off to my teenage daughter for her handling of the situation. All forward gears were gone. The dealer found a broken sun gear, and the warranty covered the repair for $50. It did not cover the $70 towing charge.

The interior lights are coming on again, my wife just turns them off. The open door lights are coming on, we just ignore them. The tie rod had to be replaced because it went dry. Apparently, Ford doesn't feel the need to put grease fittings on them. Oh no! A shudder in the transmission between 1st and 2nd gear. The local mechanic found a service bulletin that says to fill the fluid all the way to the top of the safe zone, not just anywhere in the safe zone on the dip stick like it says in the owner's manual. That fixed the problem for two days. The shudder is back. The extended warranty ran out at 60,000. The warranty on the first transmission repair ran out at 62,000. The van has 66,000 miles on it.

I dropped the van off at the transmission shop today. I am very afraid! They told me they work on a lot of Windstars with 3.8 engines. They think the problem is that the Ford dealer put in quality Ford parts, just as bad as the originals. The transmission shop says they have better luck with aftermarket parts. I have a Taurus too. Oh no!

I cannot afford to get rid of these lemons at this time. As soon as I can unload them, there will be no more Fords in my driveway.

4th May 2005, 14:03

I too bought a 99 Windstar, in 2002, it had no warranty left on it, although they would sell me a extended warranty for around 1500, including it in the loan for that car, which would actually mean it cost closer to 2000. We didn't get the warranty, and at this point I think it was the right thing, but we'll see. Let's see, what has gone wrong with ours?? The passenger window doesn't always work, only when it feels like it, the right side sliding door lock also works, when it wants to, it will go monthes not working, then all of a sudden, it will work. Now, my husband had it put the other day when he heard a noise and then the van wouldn't respond to the pedal, the rpm would go up, but no movement... So after a 80 tow bill the shop says it can't fix it, so we had to take it to a trans shop, waiting to hear how much That will cost! Oh, and it makes a weird noises when I turn the wheel, from what I have looked up online, it is a tie rod, so I am hoping That doesn't go... I just replaced the tires not long ago, and the shop said the tires just passed... I did a lot of research, not online though, before buying a van, about vans before we bought, and I thought I was well informed, and got a good deal, I had always been a Chevy girl, should have stuck to that! no more fords in this house. Found on roadside dead, fix or repair daily... sounds about right to me!