17th Jul 2003, 11:21

My Windstar is doing OK. Although I think I should have bought the Sienna or Odyssey.

The Engine lights stays on sine it got 57000 miles.

The user mannual says it relates to the emission problems.

Not big deal?

I am just wondering if I need to spend $1000 to fix the engine light on problem.

6th Oct 2003, 07:55

I also have problems with the Engine Light staying on, the door latch sensors not working, and the Power Steering not working. My Windstar has approx. 77k miles and is a 1999 model. I have also noticed paint chipping and peeling on the sliding doors. I WILL NOT buy another Ford. I feel that these issues should really be addressed with a recall.

16th Nov 2003, 20:55

We had a problem with the check engine light also and it turned out that the intake manifold gasket was leaking.

We've had the problem with the "door ajar" light, but don't know if it the contacts may have been dirty. For the time being, it seems to have taken care of itself.

Our rear heat doesn't work. The socket where the damper motor spindle goes in is broken. Unfortunately you can't buy just the door. For $300+ you have to get the entire rear heat/cool assembly.

17th Nov 2003, 14:25

I find this all very interesting. I own a 1999 Windstar. I bought it used from a dealership, and brought it in twice while it was under the 90 day service protection plan. Oddly, the problems I described they couldn't seem to locate, did a couple of things to it and sent me on my way. That was 6 months ago, and the problems are still there. The funny thing is, is that I'm finding the same problems on Windstars all over the web. The driver's side window switch works when it feels like, but when I brought the van in when it was still covered they couldn't seem to detect a problem. The van also shudders when shifting from 1st to 2nd, when I brought it in twice, it just wouldn't do it for the repair man. Now I'm reading that there was a recall for a power window switch problem, I wonder if mine is still covered for that?...Oh yeah, just this morning my engine light came on!! The kicker of the whole thing is there is someone I work with who bought a Windstar a couple of months ago and has already put $1300.00 into it for steering problems, and engine light problems...I'm thinking it's time to cut my loses and try and sell it. I haven't even owned it a year, and I do like how comfortable it is, but I have driven nothing, but junk for 10 years and was finally happy to have something reliable, now I'm wondering just how reliable it will be.

It just seems to me, that if so many people are having the same problems with their Windstars, that Ford would do something about it.

4th Dec 2003, 10:33

My wife and I bought our 1999 Ford Windstar used in 2001. We have had nothing, but problems. Outer tie rod ends needed replaced. The driver's window switch works when it wants. The rear window also works when it wants. The rear hatch pops in cold weather. The A/C compressor makes a horried noise when first engaging the clutch. The paint is been a nightmare. Three doors had rust on them at 28,000 miles. Ford's fix lasted 8 months. The doors began to rust again. They will not replace the door skins. The roof has been repainted because of it peeling. The rear speakers would cut in and out. The front defrost doesn't work properly. I may not buy another Ford for a long time. My 1997 Escort has given me very little problems and it has 150,000 on it. My goal is 200,000. I work for a company that sells test systems for automotive engines, transmissions and brakes. I just can't believe they can't produce a better product.

26th Dec 2003, 15:48

Through the dealer, I bought a 1999 Windstar Dec 2000 with 30K miles. Aside from the known recalls that were done and replacing the normal wear items, the vehicle had performed good. At 49K I had to have the transmission gasket, drain seal and two outer tie rods replaced. 100 miles later I had to replace the steering stabilizer bar, power steering rack, pump and reservoir. Now at 61K they had to replace the two tie rods again, out of warranty by just 2 months. The intake manifold gasket and the left valve cover gasket had vacuum leaks so they had to be replaced to clear the "check engine" codes PO171/PO172 so I could pass inspection. The dealer said those things wear out. Why so soon?

9th Jan 2004, 13:08

I'll add to the growing list, though many of my problems mirror yours. I bought a 99 Windstar with 6K miles on it in 2000. It was good until Nov 2001 when the transmission blew out. Apparently a cylinder inside the transmission broke FODing out the transmission. Ford replaced the transmission under warranty. The new transmission had a 2 year warranty that expired this past Nov. Heading back home from the holidays, I was an hour out from my house when I noticed some signs of problems. When I exited the highway near my house, I saw the smoke billowing from my hood. I decided if I was getting stuck, it would be at home so I drove on. When I stopped in front of my house, smoke poured from the hood. I opened the hood to a small fire on the bottom of my engine. Word is I'm going on my 3rd transmission. Also, the upper intake gasket is leaking. Total bill? Over $3500. Remember, my transmission warranty expired Nov. I contacted Ford Customer Relations, 1-800-392-3673, who after "extensive research" informed me that since it's out of warranty (even 1 month), there's nothing they can do. I requested to speak to a supervisor, so they put me on a 24-48 hour call back. I'm now waiting. In the meantime, I found William Clay Ford Jr.'s e-mail address (wford@ford.com). I've e-mail the Chairmen to voice my complaint that a 4 year old, highly rated, $35,000 vehicle should not require at least 3 transmissions to operate. I'm waiting on a response.

14th Jan 2004, 12:46

Well, I guess that I need to jump on this bandwagon. We purchased our 1999 Windstar new. After fixing the countless recalls that took me back to the dealership countless times I again had to return when the battery continued to be drained. This left me stranded with 3 young children. We have gone through 3 batteries in 4 years. Our current mileage is 47,000. "It's our stop and go driving that is causing this problem. It's draining the battery quicker." From reading the comments on this page, it seems to be the consistent mileage time for breakdowns. I'm sorry 47,000 miles on a extremely well regulated maintenance schedule, is inexcusable. We are currently experiencing the "check engine light" problem. We did everything that the manual suggested to do, but no luck. Now I am afraid to take it in in fear of a hefty repair bill even with the extended warranty that everyone is stating. Wake up Ford, there's a problem with your "check engine" situation.