3rd May 2005, 20:44

I purchased a 99 Windstar with 30, 990kms on it. The van ran fine for about a year, but then the problems started. The check engine light came on and stayed on. The mechanics would check all the sensors and re-set the codes and it would solve the problem for a short period of time. I've just paid to have things checked again and the light is off for now.

When there was only 66, 000kms on the van, the power steering rack went. At the time the shop was only able to buy a genuine Ford rack, as there were no aftermarket racks available for "such a new vehicle". A year later, at approximately 80,000kms, the tie rods went and had to be replaced.

Here we are 23,000kms later and the power steering rack has gone again.

After reading all the comments on this site, I cannot believe that Ford cannot/will not do a recall on these items.

I will NEVER purchase another Ford product.

23rd Jul 2005, 22:57

Purchased a 1999 Windstar in 2001. We have had nothing, but problems with. It stopped working in the highway with our family in it, had it towed, and cost over $2,000 to tear engine apart. It turned out to be valve springs. A month later, rack and pinion went plus more over $1,000. That's just the beginning. Tie rods went, door locks never work, had coolant tubes replaced. Our engine light is always on- can't find out why!!! Now our coolant is leaking and it's smoking under the hood. Will never buy a Ford again-NOT RELIABLE!!!

7th Jan 2006, 10:51

My husband have a 1999 wind star since 10/2005 for the past month all it doing is giving us problem the engine light stay on. the manifold is linking. locks don't work. it been more in the shop then anything I think they should take all the wind star out.

15th Mar 2006, 21:08

We purchased our 1999 Ford Wind-star in January 2001. First, "check engine" light was sticking on about 6 months later. A year later, the motor for the rear windshield wiper was replaced. In 2004, the rear tail lights began to stick on when the van was off. We were told that we needed to replace the electronic module for $550.00. We had it replaced. They still stick on. A year ago the power steering went out. Last week the transmission went out. We have nearly $4,000.00 into a vehicle which still has the lights sticking on. Getting $2600.00 for the vehicle on a trade in would only pay for the transmission. Might feel a little guilty passing this vehicle on.

9th Apr 2006, 22:46

I purchased my Ford Wind-star LC in July of 99. I've been very pleased with its' performance over the years.

Yes, I've had to replace tie-rod ends (60K).

Oh, and the check engine light at 50K.

By the way, that is just a reminder to take it in for the expensive service checkup at 50K.

If you don't like the light staring at you, and you think there's nothing wrong, you can reset it.

Just unplug the battery cable for 2-5 minutes. Plug it back in and the check engine light should stay off.

If there is something wrong, it will come back on.

Not too many 99 Wind-stars out there with only 50-60K miles on it I bet.

Here lately, 80K, the air-compressor clutch really slams in gear when I use the A/C.

In spite of the minor problems that have occurred over the last 7 years, I'd have to say it's been a good vehicle and I still like the way it looks.

I've had worse (THE C...van), but that's a whole other story.

This is just my experience and my opinion.

Best of luck.

29th Nov 2006, 07:21

We bought a 99 Ford Windstar in 12/2002. It has been a continuous problem. Replaced the transmission...it's herky jerky again. The interior lights stuck on and we had to get a new sensor to fix that. The door locks work off and on. They also lock and unlock by themselves at random as you're driving. We have the intake manifold leak and now the power steering problems everyone has mentioned. I can't stand this thing. We had a 97 Ford Taurus that had a lot of problems (transmission replacement to name just one) and I will NEVER EVER buy another Ford. Unbelievable!

10th Jan 2008, 06:54

I also bought a 1999 Ford Windstar. First when the paint started cracking I should of sold it. I seem to have the same problems as every one else. Rack and pinion, check engine light, transmission. air bag sensor. Alternator. all with only 90000 miles. Over 5000 dollars in bill. Next time I will leave this van where it gets stuck and buy a Toyota.

29th Jan 2009, 23:14

My wife and I purchased a used 99 Windstar 4 years ago. It was used, and had 88,000 miles on it.

Within a month the check engine light came on and stayed on. Shortly thereafter we experienced the electrical problems with the interior lights, the power window controls going out on both front doors, a leaking master cylinder, the OD light flashing, the anti-lock brakes failing, and the power steering grinding noise.

We took a "drive it till it breaks" attitude, and found that the engine light is still on, (heck of a bulb in that thing), the OD light still flashes, the interior lights just finally burned out.

We use the A/C a lot since the windows don't roll down, brake fluid twice a month is cheaper than repairing it, disconnecting the anti lock brakes works, and the grinding noise in the steering mechanism still grinds.. 4 years later.

We got 4 years out of it, but now the engine sounds like a drumline playing under the hood, and it's time to put it down. Will we buy another Ford? Oh, heck no!

20th Apr 2011, 14:53

I bought a 1999 Ford Windstar and have had nothing but problems with leaking intake, miss on no.#4 piston, actuator blend door, dead batteries, running rough.

James, Tennessee.