29th Jul 2001, 16:30

We have had similar problems with our 1995 Ford Windstar, transmission part replaced, head gaskets replaced, then Ford decided to put in a new motor, rear power window motor replaced, two front right tie-rods replaced within a year.

Now, the gear shift dosen't want to go into gear. Very, very disappointed in this vehicle, Ford should put out a recall on the transmission, seems like several people with this vehicle have had the same problem. How many complaints does it take to get a recall or does it take a serious accident to get Fords attention before they decide to do a recall. With all their trouble lately, with their tires blowing out, you think they would be eager to try and maintain their customers.


7th Jun 2002, 08:47

I just recently wised up and unloaded my 95 Windstar for a 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee. The Windstar had 108,000 miles on it, and had already had the head gasket replaced. The check engine light stayed on constantly, the transmission was slipping, cruise control went out, interior chimes and lights on and off for no reason. I have always taken very good care of my vehicles. I change the fluids myself and had always sprung for the higher dollar lubricants (Mobile 1). It was the first and last Ford I will ever own. Not only was the vehicle a lemon, Ford's customer service is the worst I've ever seen.

4th May 2003, 22:07

I was a Ford and ASE certified technician for 14 years. Based on my experience with Taurus when Windstar came out I wanted one. We bought ours in "98" with 40,000 miles and the nightmare began. The check engine light came on after a few days with an ironeous EGO code, which had nothing to do with the actual problem. The Vane Air Temperature Sensor was dirty! Next came no heat, which in turn followed with overheating. At 80,000 I changed the head gaskets and re-routed the heater hose so the high spot (where air in the system collects) to not be the temperature sensor and thermostat. My theory is that air settles at the thermostat and temp sensor so neither function correctly causing an air lock and insufficient cooling and circulation.

On to the brakes. I have many suspicious noises, but have been unable to pin anything down. Also the front rotors are warped! The intermittent alarms and bells usually amount to cleaning contacts or repairing bad connections. Which brings us to 140,000 miles and a trans overhaul. I have the trans out now and am tearing it down. Before it went out I thought the shudder at around 75 mph was a balance problem. But now I realize it was the trans! I probably should have waited to write this, but what I find isn't really going to matter. I've always been proud to have been part of Ford Motor Company, but I'm afraid the "95" Ford Windstar has to be one of the worst vehicles ever produced! They have "ZERO" trade in value. I can't imagine what we'd have done if I didn't have the training and experience to keep this one going. Ford should not only recall them, they should reimburse expenses and anguish caused just by owning one!

Ed Nye


17th Aug 2004, 08:25

Hello I too have one of these "amazing" vehicles. Let me tell you my story.. First at 80,000 miles the engine blows $3000.00 bill next all brakes... Catalytic convertor... trans... Now we don't know what is wrong it feels like them vehicle is suffocating and wants to die "sluggish" Oh well another satisfied customer!!!

23rd May 2005, 09:39

My 1995 Ford Wind star has given me nothing, but problems. One year ago I had my transmission rebuilt and surprise surprise it is already slipping again.

It runs hot when driving on the highway and my mechanic cannot find any reason why.

Had brakes and hubs replaced and still does not stop smoothly and now the ABS light has come on.

The left blinker only works when it wants to. You turn it on and you only hear a static sound. The door ajar warning comes on even when all the doors are securely closed.

There are so many problems with my Wind star that it would take to long to list. All I can say is why has the Ford Corporation not done something about it?

23rd Aug 2006, 19:53

My Windstar is a big time piece of junk.

New motor, transmission, power windows, radiator.

It looks good, but is junk, so I sent it to Mexico and sold it. I didn't want to lose money on that junk.

12th Mar 2009, 18:09

Well, I guess I am the odd man out. We bought our 1995 Ford Windstar in 1999 with 80,000 miles and it now has 200700 miles and the transmission is now slipping. We have never had any major issues with the van, has never been to the shop. The only issues we had are the paint began peeling off the roof about two years ago. I have never been left stranded and have traveled across the country several times with it. I guess I will count us lucky and unlike some of you, I am sad to send her to the junk yard.