27th Jul 2004, 14:32

I have a'99 SEL fully loaded with all the toys offered for '99. Have had it for 5 months and the only problems have been due to normal use, e. g altenator, the interior lights do blink on and off sometimes, and the sliding rear passenger door does not close tightly sometimes. This is my second Windstar, had a '97 for 4 years got that one with 64,000 ended up with 150,000. the '99 was bought with 54,000. My famliy likes our van.

18th Nov 2004, 16:50

Our 1999 Windstar SEL has numerous problems. The transmission runs very hot and occasionally "belches" fluid, but as it did not completely quit the dealer would not honor the extended warranty we purchased. Recently the check engine light came on and we were told it was the intake manifold leaking. The initial estimate was for a new lower manifold, total cost of nearly $1100. After reading about this common problem, I talked to the mechanic and he told me he read a service bulletin that said he didn't have to replace the manifold, only clean it. Funny that this info didn't get passed to the service manager. Anyway, the new "lower" cost is $425. Six bolts alone cost $10/apiece. I've read they can be reused, but I hesitate to insist on this.

Basically I want to get this vehicle on the road so I can trade it before anything else goes wrong. We feel fortunate that we got 96K miles out of it, from the many reports on the web it appears we are doing better than many folks.

Bottom line: DO NOT BUY.

2nd Aug 2008, 20:28

My '99 Windstar SEL is the worst mistake I've ever made in purchasing a vehicle. The light flicker, the backup signal stays on and doesn't beep if someone/thing is behind the vehicle, the back window don't open, the rear passenger door lock will not pop up to let the door open automatically... and those are small problems. My transmission died and was rebuilt, now less than one year later the O/D trans & check engine light is on again... I could go on but I would only be repeating what everyone before me has said. I will NEVER recommend a FORD to anyone ever...