1999 Ford Windstar LX 3.8 from North America


Worst piece of junk I've ever owned


Rack and Pinion went up at 48,000 miles.

Rack and Pinion again went up at 62,000 miles.

Transmission went up at 78,000 miles.

Check engine light stays on all the time.

Intake manifold is leaking and has been since 64,000 miles.

Rack and Pinion again at 83,000 miles is starting to make noise.

Steering column has made a squeaky noise almost since the first day I owned the vehicle.

General Comments:

This van is the worst vehicle by far I have ever owned.

I have never sank so much money into one vehicle in all my life and I've bought vehicles with 70,000 miles already on them and didn't sink as much into them.

Never have heard of a vehicle having so many problems before 80,000 miles.

Love the interior of this vehicle, very comfortable, but mechanically its terrible.

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Review Date: 23rd December, 2003

26th Jan 2004, 14:37

My rack and pinion just had to be replaced at 78,000 miles. I, too, have had the engine light on due to a both an EGR problem and then a intake manifold leak. The dealer fixed the manifold leak for free (after spending $400 on the EGR only to have the light come back on two weeks later). Also I have had the thin plastic on the automatic sliding rear door come off. This was an $800 repair as the whole unit had to be replace. This is just the beginning of the list of mechanical problems I have had with it. The dealer and corporate refused to help with the rack and pinion even though they actually told me "yes, we have had a lot of these go bad!" I for on will never buy a FORD after they told me that and then would not stand behind their product.

1999 Ford Windstar LX 3.8 from North America


The '99Ford Wind Star LX is too much money for too much trouble.


We have had it in the shop four times for the transmission.

Door ajar light was staying on.

Driver side front door would not unlock with the key. Then you had to manually lock a power lock on the same door.

The power steering pump is making noises when you turn the wheel.

Had to have the tie rods replaced.

Had trouble with the cruise control.

The interior lights go off and on when you hit bumps.

Paint is peeling on hood and front fenders. It is also cracking on the roof.

General Comments:

I was very excited when we bought this van. I have three teenage sons and really needed the room it has in it. If I had known all the problems we would face, I think we would have gone with something else.

When I have a problem with it, I take it to my mechanic (my best friend's husband) first to see what he thinks. When I turned it was making a whining noise under the front end. My mechanic said it was the powersteering pump. I called the dealership and told them what he said. They had me bring it in and decided it needed the tie rods changed and said to change the power steering fluid. Now less than two months later I am hearing the whining noises in the front end again.

When the paint started chipping I procrastinated about taking it in. When it had to go in for the next repair I had them look at it. They wanted me to pay $500 for them to fix it. Now I just keep driving it with the paint continually peeling off and hope everybody sees it is a Ford. Maybe they will think twice before buying one.

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Review Date: 19th October, 2003

1999 Ford Windstar SEL from North America


Terrible and Costly


Six months after I bought this van, the transmission went out. I took it to the dealer and the transmission was replaced. One week later the transmission again went out and again it was replaced. Within the next six months, the transmission went again, the computer module was replaced twice, the Anti-lock Braking system was replaced, the Steering Rack was replaced, the wiring harness was replaced, the brakes were replaced, the power steering repaired, the electric window motors were replaced, the cruise control was repaired and the A/C was repaired.

General Comments:

The van was a great vechicle for my new family until it proved to be unsafe to transport my children.

The dealer and the manufactor are unwilling to assist with the multiple problems of this vechicle and have left me to pay thousands of dollars in repairs.

I would not recommend another Ford vechicle. Ford is not concerned that thier vechicle has experienced a tremendous amount of system failures.

Quality and customer service is only a marketing line and not a factual statement.

Please do not purchase this money trap.

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Review Date: 20th September, 2003

21st Sep 2003, 11:55

Should have got a '98. The '99 model was the first year of the new design so there have been lots of problems with them. Our '98 has given us no major trouble, but then again it only has 43k miles and has the 3.0 engine (avoid the 3.8)

3rd Dec 2003, 19:38

I think I just read every problem I have experienced with my 99 Windstar. It is like you read my mind. I even complained to Ford and the gentleman was nice, but my car still is a piece of junk. I am on my third set of brakes.