2nd May 2005, 12:36

The transmission went out at 60,000 miles. The door handle on the sliding door broke. The interior lights and door chimes go on and off at will. The coolant is leaking into the oil. At 80,000 miles the ABS brakes activate frequently on dry pavement. The windshield seal and automatic door locks went bad at 36,200 miles on the way back from an out of town funeral and Ford would not take care of this under warranty.

29th Jun 2007, 16:21

My ford windst. sucks I bought the bucket at drivetime and I still hove to pay 20thousand on it and man do want to die.

5th Jun 2008, 17:38

My '03 is doing fine. I have the transmission serviced not by Ford and not using the original Ford tranny fluid. I go to an independent shop that uses a base tranny fluid and adds a friction modulator. My tranny shifts smoothly now. Prior to that it was a little clunky from 1 to 2.

I take care of my van. I use WD 40 at the locks, I clean the contacts at the sliding doors, I clean the bottom runners of the sliding doors and the van is doing fine. I only had minor repairs and annoyances to deal with.

7th Oct 2008, 14:19

Purchased a 2003 Windstar in 2004, the van has now been scheduled for its 3rd powersteering pump replacement; the alignment has never been right, even after numerous trips into the mechanic, it pulls slightly to one side.

The power locks intermittently fail on the sliding driver's side door, and the interior light will mysteriously turn itself on unless the switch is all the way off.

I was disappointed in the overall initial quality of the vehicle, and have been less than happy with the way the vehicle has aged. This will be the last Ford product I purchase.

10th Oct 2008, 14:43

Why do you replace the power steering pump? Is it noisy? Does it malfunction, i. e. steering is to hard? Noise is common and does not necessarily mean the pump has failed.

Put WD 40 on the door latches. The electrical contacts for the interior light are placed there. Sticky latches may turn the interior lights on.

18th Mar 2009, 20:57

My 03 Windstar has 64,000 plus miles on it, and it will running down the highway just fine, then all of a sudden it sounds like I hit something in the road, and it acts like it has backfired. I took it back to the dealership where I bought it, they did a complete engine overhaul. Tonight it happened again; And it nosedived so hard it threw me and my wife forward in our seats! Is this transmission about to go out on me?