2013 Freightliner Sprinter V6 turbo diesel from North America


Steaming pile


Driveability is absolutely horrible. The best way to describe it is like driving a two stroke. It's either falling on its face or taking off like a rocket. I've tried to drive around it, but it's all but impossible. There seems to be no consistency between throttle position and forward momentum. This is aggravated by being in the wrong gear most of the time, and having to down shift to get moving, then upshifting too soon and bogging down.

The transmission has stuck between gears a couple of times, not shifted another, shifted with a horrible grind then bang, but the dealer says there is nothing wrong, and there are no codes to be found.

I had to replace the rear tires at 15,000, as they were down to the wear bars from not moving, then finally launching like a rocket - no, I don't drive it like I stole it, I'm just trying to drive it normally.

The dealer has replaced the EGR valve, thinking it might be sticking, re-flashed the computer and reset the transmission "learning" parameters, and it still drives like a two stroke.

General Comments:

This van is the worst vehicle I have ever driven, and the biggest $40,000 mistake I've ever made. As soon as Ford comes out with their cargo van next summer, I'll be first in line to trade this steaming pile in.

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Review Date: 12th November, 2013

29th Nov 2013, 19:37

OMG what a pile. This review made me laugh, and now I have the hiccups, thanks a lot.