12th Sep 2004, 06:54

We had an FSO 125p 1300cc 10 years ago.

It was a big (ford orion size, slightly wider) and heavy car, built like a tank.

It had been bumped into a lamp post a couple of times, result?

Not a scratch!

The dash was quite a novelty, about 8 lights none of them were labeled with the typical headlight, full beam, brake fluid warning, hazard symbols. You had to look in the manual.

Routinely needed brake calipers replacing as they had a tendency to seize and had the universal joint was replaced.

24th Oct 2004, 10:57

I've had Fiat 125p since 2001. It's my first baby and maybe that's why it's just great! Some technical problems are nothing to compare with the prices of the parts.

So relatively big, comfortable and cheap is kind of cool car in Poland. Regards from Poland!

29th Dec 2005, 16:49

I'm from Ireland and I'm wondering are there any of these left here? They were quite popular in the 1980's. They couldn't have all dissolved away.

1st Sep 2007, 15:56

I owned a 1987 FSO 125p a year or 2 ago. Different doesn't get near it! A big car, capable of carrying 5 adults & a load of luggage, but somewhat noisily! The lighting is excellent, the suspension's softer than modern cars have and the steering is the old worm & roller set up, but I loved it! The only reason I shelved it was it couldn't use unleaded fuel and the costs of conversion were too high. If I found another one I MIGHT buy it-who knows!

Andrew (+44 (0) 7958 413539)

9th Oct 2008, 05:38

I (literally) inherited a 10-year-old 125p from my late father in 1999, and of all the 27 cars I have owned it was undoubtedly the crappiest! It had the turning circle of a Super Tanker, and the ride comfort and performance of a combine harvester. Not to mention its thirst - it pulled to the left every time it went near a petrol station.

The cheap plastic seats made you sweat in summer and freeze in winter, and the slightest shower left rust spots all over it. It made me long for the luxury and upmarket technology of my old Skoda Estelle!