1997 Geo Metro Base Model 1.0 3 cylinder from North America


Great little car! Does everything I expected


I purchased this car from a small hole-in-the-wall local used car lot, had to do a lot of fix up work to it to get it up to snuff. Since then, over the last couple of years it has been totally reliable.

A couple of things do require special attention; this engine uses some oil, so the EGR valve and passages have to be cleared out on a regular basis. I remove the valve every 2500 miles, lightly scrape the carbon out that I can, then blow compressed air into it and the manifold passages. If this is not done, and the carbon is allowed to build up, it will plug the EGR and burn the exhaust valves, according to what I read.

The 5 speed manual trans also must have the expensive GM Synthetic Synchromesh trans oil, or a good equivalent. My car had the wrong trans oil in it from the used car lot, and the shifting was very balky and noisy; from what I understand, it will eventually destroy the synchros if the wrong oil is left in there. Once I got the GM stuff into it, shifts smooth as silk.

General Comments:

I bought the car just after hurricane Rita, and I started to see where gas prices were going.

Very basic car, had to add a radio. I live in Michigan, where we have snow and salt storms, but the car itself was just in from California. Body, outside of scratches and dents is perfect. The used car lot put some money into the car, rebuilt trans, drive shafts, brakes, interior door panels and tires.

The interior for some reason was completely trashed, I've replaced just about all of it, mostly from ebay, over time. Since then, the car has delivered everything I've asked for.

Though not exactly a race car, it's been reliable, fun to drive, and of course, great gas mileage. Low to mid 40's in cooler weather, high 40's in heat of summer, and long highway trips have seen 52-53 mpg. Can't ask for more. Great little car.

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Review Date: 6th April, 2009

6th Apr 2009, 20:46

Is there anything more satisfying than getting a great little car at a great little price?

1997 Geo Metro 3 cylinder from North America


Awesome little car, passes every gas station in sight


Very hard starting in cold weather. I've replaced the battery, battery cables, spark plugs, spark plug wires.

Car has been in the shop on numerous occassions, they can't figure out why it won't start in the very cold weather.

Muffler system replaced at 99k miles. Pipe between motor and muffler rusted out again at 135k miles. Shop removed Catalytic conv, but didn't replace it.

It won't shift up or down into 2nd gear, manual transmission. I have to shift from 1st directly to 3rd gear.

I've lost all lights completely twice, brought it to shop for repairs, both times.

General Comments:

This Geo Metro has served me well, I have gotten my moneys worth out of this car and it is still running well.

Wonderful on gas. On my latest trip, I drove 112 miles on 2.45 gallons of unleaded gas. Let's see your SUV do that.

Gas miser, plain jane version of Geo Metro, nothing fancy, just the bare bones here.

I've driven this car to Texas and back, kept up with the 75+ MPH traffic in Oklahoma. Was a bit sluggish climbing the hills in the Ozarks, had slowed down to 55 MPH by the time I reached the tops.

No rust on the body, there is some surface rust on the metal in front of the battery, when you lift the hood. I live in the North, where they are notorious for spreading massive amounts of salt in the winter. I keep the car clean and it looks like new.

I was pulled over by the State Police last week for loud exhaust (muffler is completely disconnected from the pipe that connects to the motor). The officer commented that this car can't be a 1997, he asked if I kept it in storage all the time. I told him no, I have 138,500+ miles on the car and use it daily for work and on vacations.

Sporty looking little car. Gas mizer. I'd buy another in a heartbeat if they still sold them.

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Review Date: 17th March, 2008