21st Aug 2003, 13:09

I bought my '92 Geo Metro used for 400.00. I was running on two cylinders for 20000km. After that if started burning to much oil. So I bought another Metro for 200.00 for parts. The second engine has 250 000km and still running great.

There good reliable cars and I would recommend them to anyone. Just don't hit anything.

1st Jun 2005, 15:34

I have a 92' Geo metro 4 door sedan with just under 400 000kms on it. Its worked flawlessly since new, barely needing anything at all. I still drive this car every day, but the age is finally starting to show. Every time I start it, I have to floor the gas until it fires and gradually runs on all 4 cylinders. The gas mileage is great, but the one flaw is that the body has rusted out completely. Other than that it's an awesome car.

23rd Dec 2005, 14:00

I have a 92 Geo Metro that my wife bought in 95 from a dealer. It's a good little car; it just rolled through 100,000 kms. Have done no engine repairs other than plugs, distributor cap, fuel filter, and I change the oil every 5000 kms.

Other than the doors rusting out, I can see me doing every thing to keep this car on the road, considering the way gas prices are these days. Now it costs me a whole 23 dollars Canadian for each month I use it. I think it's great.

26th Mar 2007, 20:03

If it's sputtering Likely you've got burned exhaust valves. Check the engine compression. You can buy a compression tester at any automotive shop. You should have at least 130 psi per cylinder. If one is considerably less, you've found the problem.

15th Oct 2007, 10:34

I just got my 92 Metro xfi from my mom. It has 120,000 on it. The motor sounds like a diesel. But it got 59 and 62 mpg driving it home. And it went over a mountain pass with little effort. It has been in the family since new. Do all the 3 cyl motors sound like a diesel?

5th Apr 2008, 11:59

I bought a 1992 Geo hatchback, 4 door new in 1992, 5 speed. I got 45 miles/gal, and I loved that car. Wish at that time I could afford to keep it and a new car that I needed because my (L) hip went out, and I couldn't push down on the clutch, so I needed an automatic. I swear that hatchback could hold half of my household items. Have never found a car since that suits my needs.

It had a Suzuki engine.

Best car I ever owned.

Wish they still made them.

14th Apr 2008, 03:32

I just bought a '92 Geo Metro, 1.0 litre, 3 cylinder hatch. It is running a bit rough so I got it for a great price (so I thought). I took it to my mechanic who said he wouldn't waste the price of oil in this thing because it only has 2 cylinders working. Any idea how much this costs to fix (in Canada)?


29th Apr 2008, 12:39

I love my geo.

8th May 2008, 21:28

I recently purchased a '96 Geo Metro 3 door hatchback. 1.0 3 cylinder 5 speed manual. I paid $450. The engine has a blown head gasket, the water pump needs replaced and the transmission has no 2nd gear. Body & interior is in great shape. This car still gets 41 mpg! It will be worth the $$$ for the repairs with gas approaching $4.00/gallon.

12th May 2008, 01:14

My sister still has her 3-cylinder 92 Geo Metro (manual trans) running well (Very anal about following the rules on upkeep.. slow driver too)

And wow..

With gas prices going up we're really surprised with all the fanfare that the "Hybrid" cars get.. you think you'd hear "some" kind of admission that there was already a 59 mile to the gallon car that was sold and ran just fine, without relying on a hybrid technology.

(we were at a gas-station and the guy on the motorcycle behind us said HE wasn't getting that good mileage.)

21st Jun 2009, 08:44

I bought a 1992 Geo hatchback two door 10 years ago used. My son drove in high school (called it a granny car) gave it back to me with oil leak. Surprisingly enough it still runs. I plan to fix the leak and drive it to work as gas prices are on their way back up.