27th May 2002, 16:07

You are the most sane person who has written on this site about Metros.

6th Sep 2002, 10:46

Metro law #1: Run the A/C or accelerate. Never both simultaneously. I assume you have the standard 3 banger. Take the hint: Your brother doesn't want to work on your car! Can't get the pulleys off???

23rd Feb 2003, 12:38

If your metro is leaking oil that bad you probably have a bad oil pan gasket or bad front crank shaft seal or front camshaft seal. My metro developed a bad leak from the front crank shaft seal. It was leaking a quart of oil a month. A $5.00 part and a couple hours of labor. A little tip! If you are going to do that replace the timing belt, water pump, belts, timing tensioner, front cam seal, while you are in there, if not already done. It will save you the time and money later of having to do it all over again. You will need an electric impact to remove the crankshaft bolts. It could also probably be the, but rarely the rear crankshaft seal. You do not have to pull the engine to remove the pulleys. All you have to do is disconnect the upper motor mount. With a jack and a small block of wood sitting on top of it you can raise and lower the engine to gain access to the pulleys.

3rd Nov 2004, 22:05

I have been searching for info on my geo in reguards,TO THE REMOVAL WATER PUMP CANT FIND INFO ANY WHERE

18th Aug 2005, 13:54

I bought a 1996 Geo Metro really cheap from a guy that had mistreated it for 160,000 miles. It did'nt use any oil, but after I flushed and put in fresh oil and filter, it started leaking one quart of oil with each gas fill. It was leaking out of the front seal, and being in the middle of winter, I didn't feel like changing the seal, so I tried additives. The second try (seal conditioner), with the more expensive approx. $7.00 oil stop leak worked. I'm still driving the Geo, and it does'nt use a drop of oil now. I'm sill cleaning the oil film off of the back of the car though.

29th Aug 2006, 13:04

I have a 96 metro that now has 200k. My car has developed a severe oil leak and I do not know were it is coming from. The whole left side of the block is covered in oil so it is hard to determine were the leak is coming from even after cleaning it. Anybody have any ideas?

10th Sep 2006, 11:53

I own a 1996 metro LSI. i recently rear ended somebody. the damage was, pushed hole front end into the motor and the air bags did not deploy. air bag light was not on.don't know why they didn't deploy. can somebody please explain to me.

22nd Sep 2006, 11:02

I also noticed a oil leak coming from around the front part of the block, above the oil pan lip. It is spraying oil in what appears to be a fine mist. It is not the oil pan gasket, and right after I submit this, I'll start replacing the oil pump gasket kit. I'll let you know what I find.

I have had my 92 Metro for 10 years and have 296,000 on the car. It is on its 3rd engine and 3rd tranny. I still get 45 MPG and drive 88 miles a day. This is indeed the best little commuter car I have ever owned.

For fun, look up "amphigeo".

12th Oct 2010, 00:59

I have a 1996 Geo Metro LSI 2 door hatchback, and this car has not let me down.

I recently got into a wreck though and the front end sustained a bit of damage. I fixed everything, but the only thing is the A/C because I cannot find a replacement free-on pipe, does anyone know where I can get one?

11th Nov 2010, 08:18

I have owned my 92 Metro ragtop for 5 years now. 196,500 miles. Never let me down. Had to do the front floor pans, but with 48-50 mpg, I will not let it go. I drive 140 miles a day, and at around 75 mph. Car is like a go cart on the road. Fun in the summer with the top down! You have to take the car for what it is. When this one is ready to go... I will look for another one to replace it.