18th Jan 2003, 12:08

I have a 91 and 93 Geo, both with high miles and very little problems.------- besides with all those gas guzzler exoctics out there-- who would steal a metro.

21st Jan 2003, 18:14

My family has had these cars as long as I can remember. They work flawlessly until 130,000 miles then it isn't any punch in the stomach to get another one. My latest car for my wife, the 94 GEO. I will not buy another small car. This one's perfect.

19th Oct 2004, 11:10

I bought a '91 Geo Metro Convertible as a commuter car and I love it! It gets great gas mileage, drives and rides excellent and is fun to scoot around on. Mine has over 140,000 miles and still runs like a top! I highly recommend these cars and will buy another if need ever apply.

27th Mar 2006, 10:58

The Metro I had and the way I drove it probably would have killed any other car. I bought mine at 140,000 miles the bypass hose came loose on the back of the engine. (The guy that worked on it left a bolt off. The O-ring was all that was holding it in. All the coolant drained out and I drove it home the coolest I could about 4 miles. It did crack the water pump, but the engine never overheated. I was 16 and dumb at the time, but I put in 2 bottles of stop leak in. All it did was pretty much stop coolant flow all together, new radiator time. The car ran hot from then on. About 15 miles and it would overheat. I was late for school one time and drove the car at wide open throttle halfway across metro Detroit. The temp was past the red, but I still didn't the engine. I got about 40,000 miles on the car after the stop leak incident before it blew up, but that was because I neglected to change the timing belt and it slipped time. I gave the car away then, but I guess the belt just had to be changed it didn't damage anything. I would like to see anyone drive any other car like I did and see it last that long. I ended up with 200,000 miles on it.

18th Apr 2006, 12:38

My Geo rules the school, it has half a million kilometres on it and the only repairs we did were just the usual.