5th Aug 2005, 09:13

You might also see if there is an overdrive transmission that would be compatible with your car (one that won't drop the RPMs too much when engaged; you really won't be able to pass in the OD gears). My guess is your engine RPMs are way out the efficient range for the small 1.0 Litre engine at 80 MPHs; the car isn't really built for that kind of speed. Try giving yourself more time so you don't need to excessively speed. Shoot for 65 MPH, and like the other guy said, keep all your components serviced.

13th Nov 2005, 20:04

I own a '95 Metro LSI and I also own a '93 Metro. They each have the 1.0 L motor and 5-speed manual overdrive tranny, and I notice a difference in the performance of the two. The '93 gets really good mileage and has all kinds of reserve power. The '95 is lacking in power when climbing hills at cruising speed. Each car has a different fuel delivery system. Each car will get 53-54 MPG on the highway, but the '95 requires that I keep the speed at 55 MPH or under to achieve those numbers. If I push it to 65 or 75 mph the mileage sucks. I wish they'd kept the same fuel delivery system from the '93, for later years. I bought the '93 new with 7 miles on the odometer, and now with 217,000 miles on it, the little bugger still performs like the day I bought it. I also have a '90 Metro with an automatic transmission. It gets lousy mileage if I drive it fast, but I guess that is due to having only three forward speeds. One time I drove to a town 100 miles away and it got 50 MPG. I was happy about it, but then I realized it was probably because it was on a snowpacked road, and I had to drive slow, about 40 or 45 MPH the entire distance. In this case, I am convinced it is the limitations of the gear ratio. I am threatening to stick a 5-speed in it.

Another suggestion I may offer is a doing a diagnostic check on it. These cars have an amazing little on-board diagnostic system that does not require a scan tool. The check takes about I minute, but you will need to have the trouble codes from a service manual in order to translate the reading. The test doesn't cover everything, but it covers most of the sensors, the EGR, etc.

Also, sometimes a plugged catalytic converter or a muffler filled with rust can cause back pressure and adversely affect high speed performance and gas mileage. I really need to check my own out, because it has the symptoms of a restricted exhaust.

Good luck. These little cars are well worth it.

2nd Dec 2005, 01:17

Thanks for the suggestions!!! I liked what was said about the catalytic converter possibly causing problems. Recently I started hearing a new sound, like something small was rattling in an aluminum can. I was told that could be either a loose spark plug (wouldn't that be nice!!!) or a damaged catalytic converter. Does anyone have any experience in replacing these things? Does it require any big special mechanic tools, or is it something I can do with a mechanically inclined buddy during a Saturday? Thanks for your help!!! Oh, and does anyone know about California approved converters vs. the rest of them?? Thanks

6th Feb 2006, 11:49

Wow! I found this web site while looking for the difference in a LSI and regular Geo Metro.

I bought my little 1995 Geo Metro 2 door Hatchback 3 cylinder Last year. It has a standard 5 speed transmission and the little car was really a clean one owner car with 62000 miles and runs like a champ. I bought it strictly to pull behind my motor home, but it ran so good that I drive it more than my other newer cars. The owner wanted $1500.00 for it and wouldn't come down. I discovered why after owning it for awhile and comments from other Geo owners.

My Geo had the passenger mirror broken off, but three longer screws repaired that. Radio antenna was broken off and I couldn't find an original one, but a coat hanger worked till I found a short rubber after market one to replace the hanger.

The heater/AC fan speed selector was worn out and didn't have a high speed setting. Replacing that was a little pricey because the whole lever assembly has to be replaced instead of just the switch. A little freon 34a and the air was super cold.

The muffler was rusted out and a little hard to find, but finally found one on-line and replaced it myself. Much cheaper than muffler shops.

I drive in the flat country side of the Texas Panhandle and get around 40 mpg at 70/75 mph. while driving in the Hill Country of Central Texas at 70/75 it is closer to 30 MPG.

The catalytic converter is somewhat rusty, but seems to be OK, but I may change it out to see if mileage can be improved and to be sure while they are still available.

I love my little car as does my wife, but we couldn't find another one for her like mine so I had to buy her a new Toyota Scion. Hey... it keeps her out of my Geo...lol.

24th Jun 2006, 22:43

Technically a 95 LSI doesn't get the 50+ mpg like you were hoping for, at least not stock. The 91-94 Geo Metro Xfi's do if you care for them properly, but of the Geo Metro's they are the only ones unless you get ahold of a 89-90 stick shift model. The LSI models get standard 30-40 mileage since they automatic, have different transmission, you can look up the EPA figures for mpg and see that for yourself. However you can do a search for metro mpg to get some more hints on improving your car's mileage abilities.

3rd Mar 2007, 10:48

This you may find interesting. I get better gas mileage with the air-conditioning (A/C) On and windows closed, not A/C off and windows open. So as you track your MPG don’t make any assumptions. I drive a 97 Geo with a 4 Cylinder engine. Yes they made some with 4 cylinders.

10th Jun 2007, 13:57

You can increase your mileage by getting 14 inch tires and rims and keeping the tires at 32 pounds. Also 2.5 oz of acetone per 10 gal. gas is said to improve mileage.

29th Feb 2008, 18:03

Great Space, everbody! Heres my 2 cents. I got my Geo, a 91 XFI for $125 bucks with the noisiest knock I have ever heard in an engine. So I swapped it for one of those Japanese replacements, cost like $300. I paid a mechanic $300 to put it in and do the brakes (he's Mexican - the Latin people can get anything running and keep it running, and they are fun to party with). That was about 40000 miles ago. The check engine light is on most of the time, it uses about a quart of oil every 3k, the temp gauge, which I replaced, reads always hot, but the fan works and it never smells hot, and I get about 42 MPG. Usually don't go faster than 60. A bud with the same car said I need to replace the EGR valve, but they are like $16o, so I think I will drive it till it needs another engine. Gotta love Geos, I sure wish they still made cars like that.