28th Apr 2006, 21:23

65 mpg seems to be the magic highway speed for best economy. I'm an appraiser, and I just get in the right lane and relax. Saves me both money and peace of mind (South Floridians are terrors on the highway).

31st May 2006, 19:40

Hey congratulations on the purchase of your metro. I recently bought a 95 with 130,000 miles on it. for $450 it seems to run pretty darn good. With my first tank of gas I t only got a disappointing 36 mpg. however like others say if you put eggs under accelerator petal you will see great improvement in mpg. I now average around 42mpg. with just new plugs and O2 sensor. one word of advice keep tires rotated!I had real hard time removing rear wheels they were rusted to hubs. I needed to use punch to aggravate edge then ten pound mall to losen. I reassembled with never seize. I really love car. have read that egr system plugs and valve sticks part way open part way closed and will burn valve. I (shh) temporarily fixed this by plugging ports by sandwiching pop can between valve body and manifold. that seems to have helped occasional rough idle. just remember if it ain't broke fix it till it is.

Good luck all.

3rd Jan 2007, 04:22

Hey many thanks for keeping such nice records on this car- I was just looking at craigslist and found a metro, and almost decided against it until I read your review/blog! Thanks a lot!

17th Jan 2007, 08:45

Metro is real easy to work on. That's real good because you will be working on it a lot. Parts are cheap, both in cost and quality. Good car if you do you own work, now to teach my girlfriend to do this stuff...

7th Mar 2007, 19:41

Hey dude with the "Mini-Pooper" Geo Metro with BMW kit... you holding out on us? Put a link with some pics or e-mail to joeydreamz@yahoo.com.