1995 Geo Metro LSI Acura TL 2.3 litre Turbocharged from North America


I love this car, after all, come on, who drives a tricked out Metro?


Other than routine maintenance the car has never had any problems.

General Comments:

I bought an Acura TL 2.3L engine and swapped it with the old one.

I've done minor weight reduction, like taking the back seat outs.

Street slicks on the front, 16's on the rear.

I put a body kit that was custom fitted from a Honda Civic Sniper kit.

The car is insanely fast, running 10's in the quarter mile, and reaching a speed of 140 MPH.

I got it Dyno'd at 230 HP to the wheels, and a 0-60 time of 4 seconds flat.

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Review Date: 15th October, 2005

1995 Geo Metro 3-Cylinder 1.0L from North America


I'm really happy with this car


I have just bought this vehicle so it may be silly to write a review for it already, but I am hoping to retain a record of mileage/repairs here to give others an idea of the costs of running this vehicle.

At time of purchase this vehicle had been very well maintained as far as engine and transmission go, plus the clutch, CV axles, tires, and battery were all brand new.

Rear struts were blown - I replaced them myself for $140 CAD... and 11 hours of labor. It probably shouldn't have taken me so long, but it was the first time I've ever replaced struts on my own. Plus, one of the pinch bolts wouldn't go back in after I took it out. I had to re-thread the bolt hole and that was no fun.

Front rotors, pads, and rear drums need to be replaced. I've found all the parts for around $150. Will update next week since this is my upcoming weekend project.

Windshield and exhaust are being replaced this week.

Testing fuel economy at the moment. Filled up when I first bought the car. Only $20 (at a $1.10 per liter - yes, that's $4.16 a gallon) to fill it with the needle at 1/3 tank. Sure a nice change from my $80 to fill minivan. The needle is hovering around 1/2 tank right now and I've driven over 200 km. 80% city driving - I'm doing a worst case scenario fuel economy test. Most of the time I will only be doing about 40% city driving.

General Comments:

The accelerator is very sensitive. Took me a few days to get used to it.

The car feels a lot bigger than it looks. The seats are comfortable. In most vehicles the "headrest" is not comfortable to rest on at all. In this vehicle I really can "rest" my head on the headrest and be comfortable. It's a very well-designed seat.

My teenagers can actually fit in the backseat with room to spare. Lots of leg room. My son was amazed at this since the car looks so small. He thought it was going to be like his friend's Camaro inside - seriously constrictive.

Visors are flimsy, doors are thin and cheap, but it's an economy car - I wasn't expecting much else. I am surprised that the dashboard isn't too bad. It seems very solid and well-crafted.

Previous owner put in a nice Kenwood CD player... but left in the stock speakers...ugh. I don't care if my music is loud, but I do want it to sound nice (I have some sound engineering experience and I'm a musician). I don't want to spend a lot of money, but a few quality speakers and a small subwoofer are definitely in the plans.

I hated... REALLY hated driving my Aerostar back and forth to work. It's a great vehicle for long trips, but it's clunky, a gas-guzzler, and it's BIG. I love cars. Not vans, trucks, or buses...cars.

The Metro is the perfect, everyday, commuter vehicle... if you're carpooling get the four-door though.

Now all I need is a '68 428 Mustang Fastback for the weekends.

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Review Date: 26th September, 2005

30th Sep 2005, 08:46

Okay, here's the first report on fuel mileage. Over 405km I burned 25.084L of fuel. This works out to 6.2L/100km or 38.2 mpg. My driving was actually a 60%/40% split between city/highway mileage.

So, that's really not too bad for a 10 year-old vehicle. However, I am hoping to increase that number to 42+ mpg. The car is rated for 44/49 city/highway fuel economy and I think I should be able to get close to that again with some careful maintenance. Then again, it took me a few days to get used to the touchy accelerator and find the car's optimum shift points (idiot light isn't working).

I guess overall engine compression could be down slightly. Anyone know how difficult it is to pull pistons out of one of these?