1995 Geo Metro Lsi 1.0 from North America


Everyone should have one


I have had this car for two years now and I haven't had any major problems. My emergency brake is no longer working, and have had problems with the bearings in the rear right tire. I have also had trouble with the brake line for the right rear tire blowing out when trying to stop at high speeds, it has happened twice (very scary!). This car has been extremely reliable other than that.

General Comments:

The interior of the car has experienced some fading from sunlight, but it was like that when I bought it. It handles well at high speeds, and it takes corners like a champ. I have only had it on two wheels once, and that was when I was pushing it to the limit.

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Review Date: 21st March, 2005

1995 Geo Metro LSI hatchback 1.3 from North America


The Geo is the best car to own


Driver side locks and window's.

General Comments:

I have a Geo Metro LSI hatchback, and a Geo Metro LSI 4 door. And both with NOS and K&N filters for horse power.

I had no problems with the two Geos, besides the driver's window and the locks on the driver's side. Never any alternator problems, like most people say, and the timing belt is also good; never had to change it.

I run a mean 1800 amps in it. I pump power in her, but nothing bad happens.

The Geo Metro is the best on gas, and can take a lot of punishment. Everyone should have a car like this.

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Review Date: 9th March, 2005

10th Mar 2005, 21:07

Geo Metros (of Suzuki origin) are awesome little cars, just like all the Suzuki's. Your vehicle of choice for ricing out was a Metro, huh? Well... Points for mild originality. Metros and Swifts are great cars. They'll last forever, and they are very tough. Anyways, next time to post a review, try to tell us something about the car. That's what makes it a review. Your "review" is little more than a confession of your insecurity. Keep in mind, people want to read about your car, not your methods of self compensation.

11th Mar 2005, 07:44

Your best choice for 'ricing' up a Geo would be to find an Xfi model, then drop a G13B engine from a Swift GT under the hood, couple that with the Swift GT's 5 speed tranny, and the final drive unit from a convertible Firefly or Metro. There's a fair bit of performance items available for the G13B; turbo kits, headers, nitrous oxide, real ECU chips (not that eBay junk) and a lot more. Check out www.teamswift.net if you want more info.

1995 Geo Metro Lsi 1.3 litre from North America


Good economical car


CV joints on both sides.

Oil pan had to be dropped to get the drain plug out.

Clutch cable broke.

Water pump went out.

Alternator belt squeaks.

Air conditioner pulley got stolen.

General Comments:

I have had this car for 3 years now it was my high school car. Very reliable car, along with the remarkable gas mileage. No really major problems, but wish I still had it. Very fun to drive even though it lacks power. I know own a 1995 Chevrolet Silverado 2500, it's a pretty nice truck, but to fill up the 34 gallon tank on it not a pretty sight. I would recommend a Geo Metro to anybody.

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Review Date: 1st March, 2005

2nd Mar 2005, 15:37

Hahaha--they didn't take the whole car, just the air conditioner pulley?

"Know" I have heard everything!

2nd Mar 2005, 20:13

You sure someone didn't steal your motor and replace it with another one?

26th Sep 2005, 22:48

I own a 96 Metro, great car, it takes all the abuse I dish out and never misses a beat. 120,000 miles so far and no real issues other than Battery and belts. Gas prices @ near 3.00 a gallon I laugh every time I pass a service station loaded with SUVs. LOL... Good job Suzuki !!