1995 Geo Metro LSI from North America


It doesn't run good at all


Many many things have gone wrong with this car. I advise you not to buy one.

It shuts off right in the middle of running going down the road.

My back doors are broken and will not open anymore.

It is super loud and barely makes it up hills.

General Comments:

The car is cute and has a good body if kept nice. The inside is comfortable and cute.

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Review Date: 16th April, 2009

27th Nov 2010, 13:27

At least 2 older cars I've had would shut off on me while driving. On my Horizon, it was fixed with a new fuel filter and new fuel hoses.

16th May 2011, 11:21

I also have a 1995 4 door Metro LSI.

My rear doors stopped opening, rather the door handles stopped working. I lifted the EXTERIOR door handle and sprayed in liquid wrench in a hole you will find when the handle is lifted. It is where the handle and the metal of the door meet. Next go inside the car and pull the door handle and spray more liquid wrench inside there. After a few minutes the door handle should work and the door will open fine again...

Prepare to do this once a year. While you are at it spray silicon lubricant on the hinges of the doors to keep them functioning well.

1995 Geo Metro 1.0 liter from North America


Super little car, yet to be matched in economy


Changed oil pan gasket.

General Comments:

If performance is measured in fuel economy and reliability, then this little car is unmatched period.

I have owned dozens of cars and trucks of every description, and they have all been fun in one way or another, and this little car is a blast to drive. (Of course you have to know how to drive to appreciate that.)

News flash: Nobody cares what kind of car I drive. Happy motoring!

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Review Date: 24th January, 2009

1995 Geo Metro 1.3 from North America


One excellent car! Love it beyond words and has been the most reliable car EVER!


Nothing has gone wrong with this great little car.

All it ever needed were oil changes, batteries, tires, only manufacturer's recommended upkeep and car washes. Best car ever!

General Comments:

This is THE BEST car EVER!!!

I would never sell or trade this car for anything.

This car has been a dream come true - a pure joy.

I wish I could have 5 more just like it - all different colors!

It may be small, but we pack A LOT of camping equipment and lots and lots of stuff in it, and can still ride comfortable and safely in it.

I don't understand why there aren't more of them around; it amazes me that everyone doesn't have one.

It is a cute car.

More than a car, it's a friend and just like the Energiser bunny - it keeps going and going and going and going...

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Review Date: 17th January, 2009

1995 Geo Metro 1.0 from North America


An economical and reliable little workhorse


Water leaks into the passenger compartment and collects on the floor of the rear drivers side. Don't know how it is getting in.

Replaced passenger side rear wheel bearing at about 200,000 km.

Dashboard badly faded.

The ceiling fabric came loose and was hanging down. Had to pin it up.

Driver's side window falls down.

Replaced computer at 210,000 km.

Wiring problems caused headlights to stop working.

General Comments:

I commute about 100 km everyday, so I bought this car only because it had the best fuel economy rating for the price. It ain't too pretty, and it ain't too proud, but it has proven to be reliable and very fuel efficient. I regularly average better than 6 l/100 km (about 40 mpg US).

The few repairs I have had have not been costly - however, this car is becoming increasingly scarce and used parts are getting harder to come by.

The 1.0L engine is surprisingly peppy and (almost) fun to drive. It burns down a litre of oil every 1200 km or so, but it is not detectable by way of smell or smoke. Just keep on topping it up.

The interior volume is surprisingly large, especially with the back seat folded down. Lots of head and leg room for a guy who is 6' tall.

Body fit and finish is not the best, and I wouldn't recommend it if you plan to do a lot of driving above 100 kph.

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Review Date: 8th January, 2009