24th Sep 2001, 16:34

Hey I have a 93 Metro and I'm trying to find performance parts. I'm sick of seeing Hondas, Hondas, Hondas. It's time for some Geos to kick some butt. It would be a great great help if you could provide any info on your turbo or any other performance parts, thanx.

25th Oct 2001, 17:38

I have a '96 GEO, bought new. 62,000 miles later I have had no problems with it! It is a 4 cylinder and I too have been looking for performance parts (hey turbo guy!), anybody reading this!!! Help.

I have added platinum plus 4 sparks and a 2" exhaust from cat back with a GEO PRIZM dual outlet exhaust (requires a little creative work from a pro-exhaust shop), and added a K&N air filter. She moves along real well now with a nice "tone" out the back. Am about to put a "Jacobs Ice Pack" ignition system in it.

I also have mags/tinted windows/headlight covers and custom made turn signal covers. The car is definitely looking good. Continuing mods... can add pix and email address if anyone wants to talk ideas... glad to see there are "others" out there!!

15th Sep 2002, 10:35

Hi all, Just picked up a 94 metro 4 door with the monster 1.0 eng. Looking for any mods to get just a little more out of it. It runs great now with 100K + on it! Thanks.

3rd Nov 2002, 19:42

'94 Geo Metro 1.0 owner, great running w/damaged body, is looking for any type of drop on body kit similar to 'Legend' 30's style or Mini Cooper etc. Also turbo...

Capt. Jo, Bradenton Fla.

21st Dec 2002, 22:25

Well...i have a 93 GEO metro and I kind of want to put a turbo kit on it. I wasn't really sure if they actually have one out there, so if you know of one can you e-mail me at r7934282@adelphia.net.

My car maybe slow, but I love it! I want to actually see a metro turbo charged.

Thanks Ryan.

26th Dec 2002, 20:23

1.3L geo metro turbo, 11s... don't use these in the same sentence please - It's bad enough you have this handful of misguided people believing you.

15th Feb 2003, 09:03

I agree with the last comment. Turbo Metro? Come on, that motor cannot handle boost. There would have to be major modifications in order to make this work. Major.

25th Feb 2003, 19:43

Hello, I just purchased a 95 3 cylinder Geo Metro hatchback. It is a great little car. I have a couple questions though.

The heater works when it wants to and the gauge keeps going south and the windows fog up and frost. What would cause this? By the way I am in Maine and it has been extremely cold. Also what would make the check engine light flash when it idles, only when it idles? Are there any websites that are available to look up repairs or check these things out for myself? Overall I am happy with the car just got it used with 65k on it.

26th Feb 2003, 09:36

Your thermostat might be bad. and for your check engine light.. stick a fuse in your Diagnostic switch in your fuse block, it's an open spot for a fuse that sticks out a little. turn your key all the way on, but don't start the car. It will start flashing. you need the service manual to know what the codes are that flashes..

25th Mar 2003, 15:45

Where did you find the turbo for that Geo? I've looked all over the internet and can't find one. Thanks for all your help.


5th Apr 2003, 14:40

OK, to solve all your disputes, here we go. I personally race cars that I pretty much fabricate myself.. let's start from the beginning.


Q. A turbo for a Metro? Can it be done?

A. Yes.


Q. 11 Sec Metro?



Q. Why not?

A. Metro has about 55 hp. Assuming you have a STICK and not an auto, you have about 18% loss to the wheels. SO you have about 55*.82 = 45 RWHP (I have 47 factory on a dyno on my 94 Geo). Well let's see here. I have a 97 Trans Am 270 RWHP stock with a cam / supercharger/ and other various mods making it net about 493 RWHP and 543 torque. It runs 11.39 on drags. Now in order to make a Geo do this, yes I will give you 1/2 the weight, so let's just guess 1/2 of 500 hp... that's 250 hp (let me tell you, it will take more than that, but anyway) 250 HP from a 45 RWHP CAR. This is how you would have to do it.. (technical time)

First off, let's get into how turbos work. Atmospheric pressure is about 7 lbs, so in theory if you have 7 lbs boost you would have 2x the power.. but you have a gas burn and air loss to add into that, so about 12lbs is 2x the power (roughly) and that's on JP8 Jet fuel :) Hehe, anyway I push almost 2x on 15 lbs boost on my Trans Am. First to get 250 hp that's 250/45 = 5.55. 5.55*15 = 83.25 SO to get it there with just a turbo :) hehe you need 83.25 and god to make your pistons and rods not fly from here to Europe. :) hehe. Second, 250 hp from stock exhaust manifolds would make your car shoot flames out the side from pressure.. so in order to do this (assuming you were modded for 85 lbs of boost (ROTF) you need to have basically JP8 jet fuel, a car made from some material not known by me, and a lot of hope..


Q. Can I push more power out of my car?

A. Yes. Change your duration on your cam, better intake (K&N air filter) etc etc.

If I wanted 85 hp from it, I would get some +4 Plugs (Bosch), a K&N air filter, a high flow cat, a less restrictive exhaust system. (Flowmaster is popular) and run 93 octane and make a spark retard. That would make my 45 - 85 or so. I would say if you want to go in the mid 13-14, add 7.5 lb boost to it and you MIGHT get there, but you are going to have to get a modded engine.

If anyone here has questions, email me at jmckendree@cox.net.

6th Apr 2003, 01:10

The same 1.0 liter 3 cylinder that is in the metro came production with a turbo in the 86-89 Chevrolet Sprint Turbo. Check the junkyards for leftovers, I have an 87. Boosted the hp output from 45 to 70.

6th Jul 2003, 12:42

OK, this one's to some of the guys that posted before me. The GEO can be a fast car. The Suzuki Swift GTI engine will bolt into the GEO Metros, and with modifications, produces some impressive numbers. Now for Mr. Rocket Scientist before me, those numbers are pretty much bull. 85lbs of boost, come on man. There are plenty of sites out there for all of you that want to mod your GEO's out. Just remember that the Suzuki Swift is pretty much the same thing. Here's a site I found:


Now body styles are different, engines are different, but a lot of tech that is involved is about the same. Really in all reality, if you want the performance, an engine swap to the GTI engine is the way to go. They are cheap, and from what I hear, easy to do.

Hope I helped some, and good luck.