24th Aug 2003, 19:44

A really quick turbo metro is possible. So is any car for that matter. The biggest problems would be breakage and tuning. I imagine getting the fuel metered right on a tbi is a pain to say the least. You could always try an FMU (fuel management unit).

As far as the horsepower goes, small displacement is limiting, but not that limiting. Formula One cars just a few years ago were making between 1400 and 1500hp with a just 1.5 liters. Granted, they were running 75lbs of boost and using toluene for fuel. The possibilities exist. If you are set on adding a turbo to anything, read Maximum Boost by Corky Bell. He'll point you in the right direction.

8th Sep 2003, 16:41

To the person who stated that the firefly was discontinued in 90. That is not true, at least in Canada. I have a 95 firefly. But they are rare. It is the only one I have seen.

11th Sep 2003, 18:25

Can anyone help me. Iam looking for a body kit for a 93 metro. I am also looking for info on a motor for a metro. What can I do to make it turbo, what type of engine do I need? Can someone email me at Steve6221@hotmail.com. thanks.

30th Nov 2003, 11:55

You talked about a "wide body kit", I would very much like to find out more. Anyone who knows about one, please email me @ truckwerks@yahoo.com Thanks.

1st Dec 2003, 00:07

I recently purchased a used 1997 GEO METRO LSI with only 51 thousand miles on it. After about a month I started having fuel line problems. Had to bring it to a dealer and was told it was a fuel injector cover that had to be ordered from Michigan. Where can I get info on a GEO METRO LSI 4 CYL 1997 engine? Been searching the web, but websites use a lotta tricks to get ya on their site to sell something you never needed. Thanks.

16th Jan 2004, 11:57

I've got a '96 Metro I picked up on a family loan (still don't own it, poor student syndrome)

It had about 52k on it when I got it and I haven't had to do anything to it since except tighten a door bolt and put windshield wiper springs on, they won't stay down on the highway.

My only complaint with the car has been the lack of power. It's not bad, don't get me wrong, but it has no tachometer and I'm affraid of running it too high having to punch it to squeeze into fast moving traffic.

I think throwing a Swift GTi engine in would be a great start at modding out the little metro. Just a little costly.

Anyone have some quick tips for bumping the HP without something like a costly engine replacement?


(Geo in subject makes sure it gets to me)

20th May 2004, 13:32

Boy, what is this, a chat room or something?

1st Jun 2004, 17:27

No one has bothered to mention porting intake and exhaust "mates". Big difference... Don't care much for turbo-hunting. Chevy makes a strong motor...it'll take the abuse of my high rev's. Lighter flywheel is the most essential item for responsiveness. I can guarantee that my 55 hp engine would $ (-)! + all over any 100 hp car on the road.

11th Jun 2004, 01:09

I have a 96 Geo Prizm and it has 100Hp. Its also a manual, I can burn Mustangs with my little Prizm, but yet I only have 100Hp according to the book. Also I haven't done anything to it. It had 145,000 miles and the only thing that was fixed on it thus far was a new clutch. So any thoughts on why my car is so fast?

10th Jul 2004, 13:58

OK, to clear some things up, let's run the Geo into the 1/4 mile estimator (which is fairly accurate)...

Stock, I'll say the Geo has 45 rwhp, which at 1986 pounds (not including driver) comes to a 1/4 mile time of 20.6 seconds at 66.8 mph. Wow.

Now then, how much HP would it take to make this car runs 11's? At the VERY LEAST, you would need 230 rwhp, which equates to approximately 275 flywheel HP.

That is a 500%+ increase in horsepower. That also means that everything inside the motor (which was originally designed to hold up to 55hp) is now under 5 times the stress, including the axles and other drive-train parts.

This is all assuming that the Geo's gears don't top out below 114 mph, which I'm sure they do.

And one more thing, regarding the person who said that atmospheric pressure was 7 pounds, actually it's 14.7.

Doing a little math, I have discovered that in order to theoretically boost a 55hp engine to 275, you need a turbo that could spool:... 57.7 pounds.

Likely? I think not. I hope all of you other Geo owners realize this, and trade your car for something more worthwhile if you want to go fast.

10th Jul 2004, 22:35

I have a Geo metro ls-i.

The engine sucked so I put in a turbo charged a20a3 series engine and it kicks out ALOT of power.

Thinking about adding nos, but it'll do for now...

18th Jul 2004, 16:52

Well we recently put our Geo on the dyno at school, (NASCAR tech) and your estimated WHP was very close 47.5 but we also found that it is not speed limited to less than 114 but is actually capable of 125.7 mph.

9th Sep 2004, 07:04

How good is a Geo Metro on the highway, before modifications? Does it handle well enough on the highway? Will it stand up to 300 mile trips? How about the three cylinder version?

I love the idea of getting a Metro/Swift. I live in a city where a small car makes all the sense in the world, but my family is about 300 miles away, so I need to make road trips once every month or so.

Would a Metro be up to that?

21st Sep 2004, 00:33

I own a 1995 Geo metro? I need help what would be the best mods to put on it and where do I get them because I actually wanna try and race it. email me at highryder2000@hotmail.com.

22nd Sep 2004, 17:03

I own a 1990 White 2 door hatchback Pontiac Firefly with a 1.0 (0) L 993cc 61ci 55hp engine and would like to turbo it. What kind of turbo is the best for this engine? Can I turbo and NOS a small aluminum engine? I was thinking of installing a nitrous system from a motorcycle. What else can I do to my car to make it eat every other 1.0L/1.3L it comes into contact with?

28th Aug 2005, 19:06

I also have timing problems!This is a 98/firefly.Had idle problem (high-low).Got someone to look at it, but left the motor in a mess. Broken bolts etc. Said he did the heads and changed cam. Now as I try to piece back the motor, and started it I have rough idle, strong gasy fume from exhaust. Need to know how to set timing, would really help to know how to place timing marks. Alas a 1.0 liter/3 cylinder. Lots in Canada. ELMO.

2nd Sep 2005, 10:43

Timing needs to be 6 degrees BTDC.

16th Jan 2006, 18:17

I have a '95 Geo Metro 4 cyl. 1.3 L, with a blown engine. I spend 1200.00 on a brand new A/C system in it last year and got to use it a total of maybe 10 times. Everything in the air conditioning components are brand new among a few other parts on the car. I am looking to tear it down and sell the parts individually, rather than selling it to a salvage yard. Please contact me if anyone is interested in some parts I may have. Shannon=409 246 8941.