30th Aug 2008, 15:29

I've owned my Tracker for six years now. It's hasn't done me wrong at all. One of the best little jeep/truck/cars I'll ever own. I only now want to get something else, not because it's a piece of crap, but because it's time that I myself move on from my lovable little Tracker.

The only problem I've had with it is oil leaking, the only really "big" problem I've had with it was that it didn't start at -50 C... but not a lot of vehicles did at that point.

Other than that, couldn't do better for my first vehicle!

26th Oct 2008, 15:16

I love my Tracker LSI, AND it doesn't Empty Every Pocket when I go looking for parts.

The only problem that I have had with mine is the MAP sensor, but it was bad when I bought it.

Trackers are great little ridge runners.

16th Nov 2008, 23:44

I got a good-looking hard top convertible that read 63k miles. Most have been from towing. I bought it for an everyday putt putt, & have done lots of off-roading & 2 minor fender-benders. This is my 5th Tracker & only one was automatic. I think they are the best for the money, & they tend to hold up great. I just have a 1., & when gas was $4 per gallon I could have sold it 100x; 1990 was a good year.

20th Dec 2008, 22:20

What Ford model rims fit the Tracker?

21st Feb 2009, 21:30

Ford Rims. The stock older aluminum rims with a 5 on 5 1/2 bolt pattern from the pickup. They're either 7" or 8" wide 15" rims.

26th Jun 2010, 10:57

In the last year and a half, have run it about 15,000 miles. Have added BFG 9.50 X 30 X 15 mud terrains, Lock Rite rear locker, Trail Tough nerf bars, Sky mfg idler arm, new tie rod ends and ball joints and struts, trimmed F & R bumpers, metal radiator.

The only problem occurred when the flex plate came off. Installed another. Am saving my pennies for a Calmini Anvil front diff and Trail Tough front locker. You can see the Tracker on youtube, search Zuks of Arizona (ZOA), maroon 2 Dr hardtop running with the Sami's.

17th Dec 2012, 00:52

Have since changed tires to BFG KM2 mud terrains in the same size. Added a K&N filter, Spartan front locker, had the T-case rebuilt by ZOR and added Rock4X's, twin stick kit.

Also added a Zuks Off Road T-case cross member, and a Trail Tough slip joint eliminator, for the rear drive shaft. Had the front output shaft drilled and tapped for another slip joint eliminator in the future. Custom ZOR rear drive shaft.

Wouldn't put a Spartan in the front again, and am probably going to have to pull it and sand the gears down to try and loosen it up.

It continues to run strong, although with the lift, big tires and auto, it's getting around 16 MPG.