1990 Geo Tracker Hardtop LSi 1.6L from North America


2nd best vehicle I've ever owned


Replaced the starter at 160,000 miles.

Replaced the alternator and battery at 162,000 miles.

Replaced the timing belt tensioner and timing belt at 163,00 miles.

General Comments:

I bought my Tracker LSi hardtop in May of 2000 with 149,000 miles on it. I still own this vehicle today and have 191,000 miles on it with only minimal repairs, mainly normal wear items.

This vehicle has been outstanding in the winter months, has always started even at -20F and gone through as much snow as a Wisconsin winter can give us without getting stuck.

I wish they still made them as I would buy another one today without thinking twice. Miles per gallon has ranged from a worst of 14mpg to a high 32mpg.

The only problem I have is that the body is slowly but steadily disappearing.

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Review Date: 10th August, 2009

11th Aug 2009, 15:03

Well... are you going to tell us what your favorite car was?

11th Aug 2009, 20:47

Sorry, the best car I've ever owned was a 1984 Toyota Supra. I purchased new in January of 1984 and put 63,000 miles on it in 1 year and 8 months. Other than normal maintenance the only things I had to replace were the factory tires at 57,000 miles and one headlight.

1990 Geo Tracker LSI 1.6 from North America


Cheeper to run and repair than a Jeep, can go the same places


Had engine rebuilt.

Added Calmini 3" lift and replacement suspension

Power Steering and tilt steering column from 93 Tracker

Full calmini skid plates.

93 Tracker 12 bolt rear axle, with 5:12 gears and ZOR crab installed

Ford aluminum rims, with 10.50 X 31 BFG AT's

5:12's and axle housing from newer Tracker installed

Manual hubs installed in place of auto hubs

Installed luggage rack from S10 Blazer, narrowed to fit

CB Radio and CD/Radio with USB port installed, can play digital music off road without CD skip using USB port.

Replaced front hood, LF Fender, painted Finder, grille & F & R Bumpers.

General Comments:

Tracker is a 2 Dr hardtop, which was in sad shape when I bought it for $900, as a project and toy. It has a 3 speed GM Turbo Hydro. Went with the differential gears from a manual transmission tracker so I could more easily run 31" tires. This vehicle (a re-badged Suzuki Sidekick) has never let me down. All the modifications or rebuilds listed above are to make it a more capable off road vehicle. The engine did blow a head gasket so with over 200,000 miles I decided to have the engine rebuilt. It had had an under hood fire which is why I got it so inexpensively. Numerous trips to wrecking yards found me all of the parts necessary to replace burned items under the hood and dash. Hope to add a cage, aftermarket F & R bumpers, and a winch, along with protection for the rocker panels in the future. Intend to keep it for a long time.

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Review Date: 13th February, 2008

13th Feb 2008, 17:39

You are deluding yourself if you think your Geo is the equal of a Jeep off road or on.

14th Feb 2008, 22:43

Really? There hasn't been any problem keeping up with any Just Empty Every Pocket so far. I paid $900 and I've got maybe another $3000 in it. It's cheeper to run, cheeper to fix, and I don't have to have $30,000 in it to make it very, very good off road. If that's delusional, I'm happily deluded!

1990 Geo Tracker 2 Door Hard Top 1.6L from North America


The 1990 Hard Top Geo Tracker is unmistakably the best off road vehicles I have driven to date


Changed clutch at 58,000 miles.

Replaced front 4 wheel drive hubs at 110,000 miles.

Replacing the exhaust next week.

Well worth the $3500.00 I paid for the vehicle back in 2001.

General Comments:

This vehicle is surprisingly quick.

I am off road with this vehicle more often than not and have driven circles around vehicles of larger proportions that were stuck.

This truck is great in the sand and light enough to stop and start easily on the beach.

I was embarased to be seen in it when I first bought it but this vehicle has completely changed my mind about small SUV's.

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Review Date: 30th October, 2005