1990 Geo Tracker 2 Door Lsi Conv. 1.6L 4 Cylinder from North America


Unstoppable little rig


Alternator went out at approx. 90000 miles; belt was shredded as a result. Very easy to replace.

Clutch cable needed adjustment when I purchased the vehicle.

General Comments:

Overall this is an excellent vehicle.

Very good gas mileage.

5 speed manual shifts easily and is well geared to the small Suzuki motor; 2nd gear can be a bit stubborn though.

Others will tell you they are unstable and tippy; drive it safe and it will be safe.

In 4wd low, this little truck will go anywhere. I've driven around a Jeep Wrangler, backed up to it and towed it out of a mud hole in 4 lo.

(note: mine was modified with 31" tires and 2" wheel spacers")

Don't be afraid to lift them, but I do recommend wheel hub spacers. They are inexpensive and really help with stability.

DO NOT store anything valuable in the soft top models; notorious for break-ins.

The seats aren't the most comfortable, but they accommodated my 6'3" frame well.

All in all, Trackers are really fun around town, in the snow, or through the woods to your hunting spot.

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Review Date: 29th April, 2005

1st Dec 2005, 18:46

Hey, I have a 1990 Tracker in immaculate condition, its only got about 70,000 miles on it.. and when I went to turn on the 4x4 on for this winter, the 4x4 wouldn't work, what might be wrong? and its never had any problems before or last winter it worked great, any suggestions?

7th Dec 2005, 01:10

I have a GM Manual that covers 89 and 90 models, and I am sure your problem lies in the transfer case. Probably in the clutches inside. If you're a sharp mechanic, you can acquire one of these manuals from the online auction place for a reasonable amount of cash. Hope this helps somewhat.

6th Sep 2007, 20:38

I have a Tracker with Low mileage as well. If the 4x4 mode hasn't been used much, sometimes the front hub internals rust up and stop working. I pulled mine apart, cleaned and greased the insides, put it back together properly and 4x4 mode works fine again.

I doubt it's the transfer case.

1990 Geo Tracker LSI 1.6 from North America


This car is seriously the best vehicle


The alternator went bad at about 150,000 miles.

The clutch went out at about 180,000 miles.

Minor wear and tears, that's pretty much all I have had to do.

General Comments:

It may not have the power and handling of a sports car, but a race though mud or snow and it's on.

It can do anything a jeep or a truck can do.

It will not roll as easily as the experts say it does.

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Review Date: 4th April, 2005

4th Apr 2005, 23:05

Good choice of car, man. They sure are fun. Of course they won't tip if people realize they aren't sports cars. The only people who tip them are idiots who would roll a corvette if there weren't speed limits (or rather, cops to enforce them).

1990 Geo Tracker 1.6L from North America


Great economical vehicle for everyday travel


The vehicle is not made with the highest quality materials, so it is a bit noisy out on the road.

Rusted around the doors and bottom of the frame.

Doors occasionally leaked when it rained.

No frills in the basic model, so I didn't have air conditioning, power windows, power locks, or even cruise control.

Had to replace the muffler at around 103,000 miles.

A broken timing belt caused me to get rid of the vehicle at 125,000 as I was looking at repairs that were more than the vehicle was worth.

Very easy to break into the doors, had a few things stolen out of it.

Handle on the rear door would stick in the open position, so I would have to pry the key into it to get it back to the closed position. Otherwise the lock did not work on the rear door.

General Comments:

A great first vehicle to own. I picked it up in college and drove it for 5 years until I could buy a "newer" vehicle.

4x4 was awesome, especially living in Minnesota. Just had to hop out and lock in the hubs and it was ready to go in any condition.

One thing that I miss about the vehicle is that with its tight turning radius and compact size, it could parallel park in the smallest spaces that other cars would have to pass up.

Never had problems getting it to start, always went out and the engine fired right up.

Loved the full size spare tire.

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Review Date: 23rd December, 2004

7th Feb 2005, 12:20

I am the 3rd owner of a '95 Geo Tracker. The engine has only 33,000 miles on it. Even though the car is light and is a 4-cylinder I am getting is very, very low gas mileage. The previous owners got the same gas mileage as I do; 20 mpg on the highway and less in the city. It is a 4x4, but should that matter? Is something wrong with the car? Is this the norm for this car?