23rd Jan 2004, 17:07

I currently own a 1994 Geo Tracker with a bit more than 165,000 miles.

Original motor, original trans, original EVERYTHING!

With regular maintenance, I have had NO problems at all.

Hell, it doesn't even burn any oil.

1st Oct 2004, 18:27

I think you just got a bad tracker out of the 250K tracker there are out there.

All Trackers are excellent!

Most people think they're different Jeep models. Remember that Trackers aren't Jeeps! You can go off-road unless is lift, new suspension, big tires and strong engine.

11th Feb 2007, 10:59

I currently own a 1994 Geo Tracker. Rockfather 8 inch lift is already in the budget, just waiting for the release of it so I can strap her on. 184 000 Kilometers on the old girl. Small tranny noise when clutch let out in neutral (any ideas anyone)?? Body needed work when purchased, and I have never had any problems with the doors. Put a new sound system in it (Dual audio deck, 1500 watt Sony amp, 2 JL Audio 12 inch subs, four JL Audio base speakers, Sony 1200 watt amp) and the ladies love it. Had to cut the fenders to fit mudders under it, couldn't afford a lift kit at the time. All in all, the tracker has been amazing too me. No engine trouble, check engine light has never come on. Only complaint - bad choice of color. Baby Blue just doesn't spell rock crawler too me. Flat Black soon too come. Happy Truckin!!

25th Mar 2008, 17:47

I have a 1992 Tracker; I adore it! It has a little over 155,000 miles on it and still purrs like a kitten. Needs a little body work, resembles a wind tunnel on the highway, and is tipsy around turns, but that's all I can really say bad about it. I am very satisfied with my Tracker. Oh, it could be better on gas.

23rd Dec 2008, 12:42

I have a 1998 chevy tracker I bought new, it now has a 169,000 miles on it and I just replaced the original battery in it, and the clutch, I have a 5" lift on it and it runs as good as the day I bought it, I see why GM drop it from their line, These little trucks run forever and there is no need to buy a new one.

1st Apr 2009, 00:09

I have a 93 Tracker with 215k on it. It still runs fantastic. Awesome little 4x4, no lift, no mudders, just stock, and it goes everywhere my quad goes, it's amazing.

No complaints - good on gas for a 4x4. Great for camping, hunting, fishing, and a daily driver. I give it two thumbs up.