8th May 2006, 13:25

There are a couple of suggestions I can make. for the hard suspension, it is because the vehicle is not heavy enough for the shocks that were put on it from the factory. you can put softer ones on to make the ride better, but you off-road abilities will suffer. for the door, I just helped my step-father re-hang the driver side door on my 95 LSI. it sagged because the bolt holes had rusted because GM didn't put any washers in the back. you can fix this by removing the from quarter panel (simple - only about 5 screws), and then the door (leaving the hinge attached to the door). put a string through the holes for the bolts, and lower it down until you can grab it from the inside (underneath by the foot pedals). attach the new bolts with a set of 2 washers on each bolt (the bigger closest to the frame) and pull it up and into the hole. repeat for each bolt replaced. then, reattach your door. be sure not to drop a nut or bolt down the whole, as the bottom of the frame is sealed, and you won't get it out. I also realize that this means that the bolts are opposite the way that GM put them in. as long as they don't stick out more than an inch, the door will fit fine. putting them back on the other way would be much more complicated, and need special tools. I hope this helped.

10th Jul 2006, 09:29

I just recently purchased my 2nd GEO Tracker 2dr conv.

My first was bought new in 1996 and I kept it for about 3-4 years. My latest is a 1995 4x4 Soft Top with the matching Hard Top. The car is a one owner and has 42,000 miles on it. I am a firm believer that you get out of a vehicle what is put into it. If your speakers are "Falling Out" than someone must have removed them in the past and not refitted them correctly. Same goes with the side panels. As an owner of a brand new one and now a 11 year old one I can attest to the build quality of this little car. Quirky yes... But still solid.

18th Jul 2006, 07:56

I have a 1995 LSI Soft-Top 2 Wheel Drive that I bought used a few years ago. It gets driven hard, since I live in a mountain wilderness area with few paved roads. The only thing I have ever had to do other than normal maintenance is fix the front bumper cover when I broke it on a large rock. The vehicle has never left me stranded, handles off-road and marginal roads well, and is perfectly acceptable on the highway. And, if you install a Flo-Blade Vortex Fan in the intake hose, the gas mileage is phenomenal. I get 40+ mph since I installed mine (bought on E Bay for $12.95). Before, I only I got around 32-35 mph. It also gets about 20 more HP. I've never had a bit of trouble with the doors, speakers or anything else. A wonderful vehicle, for this type!!!

12th Aug 2006, 20:16

I just recently bought my 95 tracker. It has a good soft top that doesn't leak, no sagging doors, perfect interior. The motor runs very good (179,000 miles on it) no noises or leaks of any kind. It get around 31 miles to the gallon. The paint has no cracks fading or anything like that. As far as I know its the original paint. The ride is as good as it gets for a short wheel base suv. I would recommend this suv to anyone who wants to save gas and have fun doing it.

2nd Sep 2006, 11:48

I fixed my driver's door the same way the other commenter did by pulling M8-1.25 x 30 flanged bolts backwards, using masons string through the holes where the weld in nuts were. I epoxied two 1.25 inch washers under the heads of the flanged bolts. I put serrated washers under the nuts. Took approximately 2 hours total.

17th Oct 2006, 13:27

Yuck! Too much trouble for too little car! Better machines can be had for the money. My main complaint is the total lack of occupant safety features in the early Trackers.

23rd Jun 2007, 13:16

To me it sounds more like the previous owner (if any) had a frontal crash with it, half fixed it and sold it to you. The symptoms described by you belong to that, a frontal car crash. I had a 1995 Geo Tracker, and loved it every minute, until a stunned teenager rammed his s10 Chevrolet pick up head-on into mine and practically killed it. The father bought my car, and then fixed it and sold it, and showed the same problems. Get rid of it ASAP, but otherwise, those cars are great. Oh, and don't worry, I live in Guatemala, fat chances you got mine.

17th Feb 2008, 09:16

I just got a 1995 4x4 Geo tracker yesterday. So far I like it. Took me a while to find the hood latch, but looked online. (in the glove box) who would have thought. About the comment above about the Flo-Blade Vortex Fan. Has anyone else tried this product? Any results? Any problems. I read the following on Ebay from some guy. Only one mans opinion though. He says:

"I'd stay away from those products and learn to live with what you've got. Every car has a MAF sensor that is very expensive to service and repair. If you change the intake system, it affects this sensor and you should be prepared for the worst.

The rule about air intake systems is: If you interfere with the airflow, you interfere with the engine's performance and will damage sensitive components.

I would NEVER use this and would advise you against considering this. Your PCM is programmed for your car's peak performance and changing it will bring expensive results.

6th Apr 2008, 15:53

I have a 1996 Geo Tracker and I love it except for the seats. I weigh 200 lbs. and the seat bottoms out and is very uncomfortable causing me back pain. Since the floor is not flat, the console side has a higher track. Has anyone successfully changed the seat in one?...I would like to find seats to fit it and I do not want guess work, (sorry for the bluntness). Thank You..."Bad Back Tracker"

7th Oct 2008, 09:42

Yes, I'd like a Tacoma or Land Rover, but I'll tell ya, it's treated me right for over 12 years. Never had to have any work done under the hood.

Sure the shocks are mis matched in development, but I use this thing for the beach and surf casting... It's a great beach buggy.

I save a ton o money on gas. I did buy a hard top for her and it's worth it!!! I'm about to go put on new brake pads for the first time.

If you treat this mini SUV right, I think it's like an old car that can last forever if you just help it do so. It has paid for itself 4 times over.

And I love the 4 wheel drive... It's light on the sand at beach, so I just glide right over... Meanwhile I watch guys with $50,000 trucks dig themselves out and have to reduce tire pressure..

I hope it will always be with me as a recreation vehicle.