1995 Geo Tracker LSI 1.6 from North America


Good city driver


Driver side window mechanism replaced.

Heater hoses replaced.

General Comments:

Built in 1995, my "tin jeep" continues to roll right along.

Regular maintenance keeps my Tracker going strong.

It is a car you have to stay on top of, and you cannot defer maintenance, or small issues become large ones.

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Review Date: 12th November, 2010

1995 Geo Tracker 2-door LSi 4X4 16-valve 1.6-liter from North America


Simply an awesome little car!!


Minor Issues:

Clutch lever broke.

Minor front brake issues.

Insulation on spark plug wires melted on two occasions.

Top door hinges rusted and broke (common issue with Trackers).

Windows tend to fall forward when rolled down (another common issue).

Replaced starter motor (turned slowly in cold temps.).

Alternator caused belts to squeal -- Replaced alternator, problem disappeared.

Issues with convertible top (zippers stick, stitching came loose).

Major Issues:

Replaced throw-out bearing around 170,000 miles.

Transmission went out at 190,000 miles.

General Comments:

One of the most enjoyable cars I've ever driven. Had some minor problems that easily I fixed myself. I'm by no means an experienced mechanic, but I've found the Tracker to be extremely easy to work on. I change the oil on a regular basis and do occasional maintenance work, and at 190,000 miles, the engine still runs wonderfully!

I purchased the car at about 114,000 miles. I occasionally make long trips in it (between Denver and Chicago). It doesn't make for the most comfortable or quiet ride, but it does the job. It drives fine, even at interstate speeds of 75+mph, though high winds and passing/being passed by semi-trucks can be a little scary. It also does great on small trails and in big cities.

If you're looking for a safe car, obviously a Geo Tracker isn't for you. And if you want a luxury car, again this car isn't for you (the interior feels/looks cheaply made, but I've had no real problems with it). But if you want something fun, reliable, and cheap (both to drive and to maintain), I'd highly recommend a Tracker!

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Review Date: 21st December, 2009

1995 Geo Tracker LSI 1.6 from North America


Good little trooper


Rear cab corners have started to rust, fixed with body putty.

Exhaust rust off frequently.

Rear drivers side wheel bearing went out.

Valve cover gasket leaks a little (still needs to be repaired, but I'm waiting till it starts to leak more)

General Comments:

I love my Geo Tracker. I hit a deer and totaled the first one I had. I was so sad to see it go, then I saw this one for $100 less than the check from my insurance company was, and just had to buy it.

It is a little small, but that is just a great excuse to not be the taxi when going out with friends.

I would buy another one of these in a heartbeat.

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Review Date: 9th December, 2009

1995 Geo Tracker 2dr Hardtop 4x4 1.6L Suzuki 4 cylinder from North America


It's fun, quirky, and uncomfortable... but a BLAST to drive!


Most, if not all of these, were results of the owner that owned it before me and Jerry-rigged things to not break until a few months after I bought it.

- Rear axle-side shock mounts broke (result of the previous owner "fabbing" his own that were inferior even to the stock mounts).

- Coolant temp. sensor replaced.

- (Driver's side all) ball joint, control arm, spindle, wheel, etc. needed repair/replacement after the front of my vehicle decided to get intimate with a guard rail at 55mph.

- Fuel mileage suffers for no apparent reason, even with major emissions components all recently replaced.

- Front passenger brake assembly needed to be replaced, as the brake cylinder had seized. (I'm pretty sure this is also the fault of the previous owner -- I think he or she only replaced one brake pad the last time they were replaced.)

Inherent Faults.

- Not terribly comfortable to drive, especially on long trips, but I knew that going into the deal.

- Gas tank is very small in comparison to vehicles of the same class (Honda CR-V, Toyota Rav4, etc)

General Comments:

All that said, the previous owner used to use this vehicle for off-road wheeling mainly (mudding, hunting, etc).

I bought the car about 2 years ago, and it's served me really well so. It's the 2-dr Hardtop 16V 4x4 MPFI (mutil-port fuel injection) with the 5.12 gears. If you don't know what all that means, then do some more research. I recommend the forum at Zuwharrie.com. I currently am running 31x10.5x15 tires with a *slight* suspension lift. By this I mean the car had spring spacers in the front and rear prior to my purchase.

I plan to turn this into a budget-build trail rig, something that is perfectly attainable with some mechanical know-how and common sense. I plan to turbo the engine (something that can be done for under $500), replace the axles with 70-series Land Cruiser axles for a solid axle swap, and build a Kicker 3 transfer case for maximum low-range wheeling. Everything I've said can be done for under $3000 with some ingenuity and haggling.

The car has a tight turning radius, even with 31-inch meats on it. I have grown to enjoy the "uncomfortable" ride quality. Speaking of this, the ride quality can be improved by purchasing softer shocks, such as those produced by Old Man Emu. Contradictory to what a lot of reviews say, the vehicle is very stable, even at higher speeds. The body roll is approximately what is to be expected in a short-wheelbase SUV. I personally have yet to feel like the vehicle is on its outer threshold of stability, and I drive my Tracker HARD.

Basically what I'm saying is that for anyone who wants a fun, essentially economical SUV, the Tracker (identical to Suzuki Sidekick of the same specs) is a fantastic choice. Take into account that it's relatively simple and budget-conscious to modify it to off-road purposes, and you've got a phenomenal vehicle. I bought mine for $1700 USD, and overall, I haven't put that much into it.

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Review Date: 30th November, 2008