2004 GMC Canyon 2.8 from North America


Good little truck for the money


- A/C blower motor resistor replaced.

- Engine thermostat.

General Comments:

I recently purchased this truck. I got a good deal on it, and needed to save on fuel. I am getting approx. 25mpg hwy.

The truck needed a little work when I bought it. I've performed a tune up (plugs, fluids filters, etc.) and am pleased with how it runs other than the rough idle. I have not been able to smooth out the idle to point I'm satisfied. Cleaning the throttle body helped quite a bit, but still not perfect.

The truck only having the 4 cyl is not great on power. With the A/C on, it can be somewhat of a struggle at times to get out into traffic, but I was looking to get good gas mileage and not performance.

I would not recommend this vehicle for more than very light towing. I have a full size for any towing needs I may have.

The interior is pretty comfortable for a base model, little extended cab truck.

All power options seem to still work fine, including the A/C. The truck does not burn any oil. All in all, it has held up good.

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Review Date: 6th June, 2011

2004 GMC Canyon LSE XE Off road Inline 5 from North America


I've owed my life to it.. Twice!



I was hit by a drunk driver head on, at at least 90km/hr, and didn't have a scratch on me. Whiplash, and the airbag didn't deploy, but a VERY safe truck. The other vehicle involved was a larger truck, and I felt lucky that my crumple zone wasn't over-ridden as could have been the case with a car. But it isn't so large that it would do the same if a car was struck by it.

With my insurance payout, I bought a new 2006 model, and in 2008 was involved in another head on accident at highway speed. This time the airbag deployed, but I was again unscathed.

Buying the 04 used at 150k, there were no problems ever. Just had it maintained regularly, and the brake pads were replaced before I bought it.

Bought the GM tent to go in the back. Nice feature, thought the air mattress was a rip off (thought it would fit around the wheel wells, but it is a standard single mattress)

General Comments:

Awesome. Tempted to buy it a 3rd time. 10/10 for satisfaction.

Extremely dependable, decent fuel economy for its size, Handles great in the snow (no skidding experienced in blizzard conditions).

However, these factors have a lot to do with who's behind the wheel.

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Review Date: 16th September, 2010

2004 GMC Canyon SLE 3.5 I5 from North America

General Comments:

I bought a 2004 GMC Canyon Crew Cab 4X4 new in 2004. It just turned 130,000 miles with no major problems. I'm very satisfied with this truck. It's fast becoming the best I've ever owned.

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Review Date: 5th December, 2009

2004 GMC Canyon SLE Z71 3.5L I5 from North America


Too many problems


Rear Shock Leak - 1 week old.

Water leaking into cabin from firewall (wiper motor)

Main computer module failed - replaced - 50K.

Brake light switch - recall.

Lost overdrive highway gear & cruise control. 90K.

I'm sure there's more, but I'm forgetting.

General Comments:

It's had too many problems, but I still like it in a lot of ways... Looks, utility, fuel efficiency, good power.

However, now that the warranty is expired I'm very nervous that something serious will go wrong with it and I'll have a major repair bill.

I'm thinking about trading it in for a reliable import vehicle, but I'll lose a lot of money on it from the original price I paid.

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Review Date: 29th May, 2007

30th May 2007, 09:06

What makes you think imports are reliable?

Let's see, if the depreciation hit and $ needed for a new truck exceeds any major repair bill you *might* have then by all means sell it.

You can always buy powertrain warranty if you have trouble sleeping at night, though I suspect this to be just another Japanese dealer making stuff up.

24th Aug 2007, 22:23

The funny thing is that this IS an import. It is made by Isuzu and you can check out their branded vehicles - I-270 and I-390.

14th Jul 2009, 21:29

They did not make a 2003 GMC Canyon they only offered them in 2004, yours couldbe a 2004 but not a 2003.