2004 GMC Canyon 3.5 litre from North America


I would recommend this truck to anyone



General Comments:

This is truly an awesome truck! The fit and finish of the body and paint are incredible. The body is all galvanized steel (except the roof where it's not needed), So I doubt I'll ever have to worry about rust in the future.

My canyon is two wheel drive, with the optional Off Road package (large tires,3.8 inch suspension lift, locking rear differential, and many other factory installed goodies). It goes very well in the snow, and handles wonderful for a truck.

I'm averaging 19mpg in city driving, and am very happy with that.

If you're looking for a nice riding, well built mid size truck. Check out one of these. I have owned Fords, Dodges, even a Toyota and a Jeep Comanche truck. This is hands down the most comfortable well built truck I've ever owned.

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Review Date: 4th February, 2006

2nd Dec 2007, 15:33

It's now December 2007, Two and a half years later, and I still own this truck. For a 2004 with 21k miles on it, I'm still very pleased with it. It still looks just as sharp as the day I bought it. Not a spot of rust anywhere. No major problems, just change the oil, rotate the tires (basic service, filters and so on), put gas in and drive. Gas mileage does suffer if you drive it very hard. But so does anything else.

11th Jun 2008, 23:47

For about a year I drove an '89 GMC s15. It was a GREAT little truck. It came stock from the factory with 3 aluminum skid-plates an np205 transfer case 235-75R15 tires and even a limited slip type front axle. In lay-mans terms it was tough as nails.

What I'm trying to get at I guess is this... Is the new chevy/GMC truck going to hold up like the trusty '82-'93 chevy s10 & GMC S15's did. I used my '89 to haul scrap about 900lbs to 1300lbs at a time to the scrap yard. My old truck even had to pick up about 900-1000lbs of cargo (V8 car engines) and then drive about 300 miles. Part of this was in New Jersey interstate traffic which was moving at about 80mph in all lanes.

I don't know if the new GM midsized trucks can really live up to what the S10 once was. If any one has one of these trucks with over 250,000, I want to see it so we can see once and for all if this thing live up to the title of "TRUCK"

15th Jan 2011, 21:14

January 2011 and I still have this truck (nearly six years), it has 37000 miles on it now. I take good care of it, and it still looks just as good as the day I bought it. I have not put a lot of miles on the truck, but I would not hesitate drive it across country if I had to. Still no rust at all, no oil leaks or funny noises, no squeaks or rattles. Still a very dependable truck. Original tires are wearing well, I did have to replace the battery about a year ago, but that's been all, and I would still recommend this truck to anyone.

2004 GMC Canyon off road inline 5 from North America


This is a great truck for an occasional truck user


CD Player mode buttons wearing off.

CD Player malfunction-skips.

Transmission problems-chugs when you hit the gas from a start-still not 100% fixed.

Center console squeaks.

General Comments:

Good acceleration.

Good gas mileage for a truck.

Heated seats a must with leather.

Back seat roomy, but lacks storage for things like a tow strap or jumper cables.

Box may be a little small-but has done the job so far-may go for a full size the next time around.

Sharp looking truck-Many compliments.

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Review Date: 3rd January, 2006

2004 GMC Canyon SLE Z71 3.5L I-5 from North America


For the Price and Performance - Best Truck Ever!!!


No "real" problems so far, I did have to take it in to the dealer when I attempted to perform an oil change to get the oil filter taken off because it was on there extremely tight, the motor was twisting on its mounts when I tried to take it off myself. Other than that I haven't had any problems at all.

General Comments:

I've heard others complain about tire wear problems, but I bought mine with after-market 16" wheels and Michelin's on it so the ride and performance is excellent. There is plenty of power for my needs on and off the road, GM did an awesome job with the DOHC Inline 5-cylinder and coupling that to the old 01' Corvette Hydra-Matic transmission. I have no problem getting around sun, rain, or snow although the snow performance increased a great deal after purchasing a seperate set of snow tires and wheels taking it from good to GREAT. and I consider myself to be picky about those sort of things. The interior is somewhat boring, but I actually prefer that, it would be nice to have an oil pressure and a battery voltage gauge, but I've never owned a vehicle that had those anyways so I can't say that I miss having them. My only real complaint which I'm sure most people wouldn't care is that the stock CD player is next to worthless, half the time the player doesn't grab the disc and won't "feed" into the deck without taking another CD to push it in there with. With that being the only malfunction I've encountered I can honestly say that I am extremely pleased with my purchase in every way.

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Review Date: 14th December, 2005