28th Nov 2005, 15:49

To the poster above: Have you now purchased this Truck? Can you do a review or post an update how it's been.

I have no worries about reliability as GM has improved significantly, but I am wondering if the 4 cylinder is sufficient for everyday driving and a bit hauling?

What sorta mileage are you getting with the I4/I5?

2nd Dec 2005, 14:15

I have a 2WD I5 220 hp ext cab 2005 Canyon. Love it! Great fuel economy, as good as 32 mpg Hwy with tonneau cover. Plenty of power at 220 hp vs. Ranger at 148 hp and better mileage. It's a no-brainner between the two. It's been great for hauling logs, fire wood and and rocks. handles and accelerates well with a full load. Plus, it can hold two car seats in the back, unlike the Ranger. It's true that even the bucket seats don't really hug you on turns, but no truck is perfect. GREAT Truck!

9th Jun 2006, 18:04

For the posting above, I agree with you, Towing is extremely well, I tow a 4000 lb boat and have no problems. GM did their homework, really one of the nicest trucks out there without draining your wallet. I have a SFI 5 Cylinder, feels like a strong V6 to me. I get about 25 MPG to the gallon HWY, about 23 MPG City.

8th Sep 2006, 21:58

I own a 2005 inline 5 crew cab. I get 19mpg overall - I did the math. good mileage for a 4X4 truck and power is decent. but I'm sorry to say you all have no idea how to measure mileage and have not driven a sports car or a strong V6.

11th Sep 2006, 19:18

Although I'm happy all of you got good canyons, mine has a been a service nightmare. I've had it for 7 months, have 7300 miles on it, and it has spent a total of 6 weeks at the dealer. for ABS problems, wiring shorts, transmission slips, the leaf spring broke, coil spring cracked. Mine is an 06 4wd crew cab with the "offroad" suspension. Silly me, I tried to take it up a stone hill.

12th Sep 2006, 18:15

Maybe a singular electrical prob was the start of some of the short circuiting haywire type of issues. doesn't account for the springs though. I drove a jeep wrangler once - my friends truck and broke the rear leaf spring. I wasn't bouncing around, but must have got the tire lodged and twisted it somehow.