1991 GMC Jimmy LX 4.3 from North America


Strong and is a comfortable ride


I have had to change the heater core. I have also put a starter on it. that's about all.

General Comments:

I think this vehicle is a very good one. I've only replaced two things on it. to me it has a soft ride on the highway and even better in the woods. I have no rust, but my paint is chipping a little bit and fading on the top. yet its still the best vehicle I've ever had.

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Review Date: 27th October, 2006

31st Mar 2012, 16:44

My Jimmy SLE 15 4x4 is now in its 22nd year. I still won't sell it, because it's the best vehicle I have ever owned.

Besides normal wear and tear, I had to replace the heater coil, but after it was replaced and grounded properly, it never occurred again.

I factory ordered the vehicle originally, and it was built in Ohio with one of the first electronic instrument panels. Now just recently the panel lighting fell out, while the panel feed is OK.

Can anyone tell me if this is just a cluster light, or does the panel have to be replaced altogether, and where I can get a new panel? 250-653-4113.

1991 GMC Jimmy from North America


Very good truck


The only problem I have had with this truck is lack of power.

Otherwise this truck has run like a tank.

General Comments:

Very good in the snow. Good cargo room. Very roomy up front.

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Review Date: 14th February, 2006

1991 GMC Jimmy from North America


I would buy this truck again in a minute


Pasenger side window does not always go back up.

Brakes seem to be dragging.

General Comments:

This truck is the most reliable car/truck I have ever owned. Good in snow and though it has a lack of power, Once you get going, It really moves. It has a good amount of cargo room and its easy to load and unload being your still kind of low to the ground.

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Review Date: 27th December, 2005

1991 GMC Jimmy 4.3 from North America


A dependable, well designed domestic SUV


Cracked CV boots, replaced CV joints and axle.

Bad cosmetic problems include paint peeling, rusting

Ball joints are go about every two years.

Steering is and has always been loose.

Brake system requires service, new breaks pads more than normal, break cylinders and break lines had to be replaced.

Alternator fails about every two years.

Exhaust system broke and rusted off.

Vent Blower failure.

Rubber vacuum hose are starting to go and needed to be replaced.

4wd need to be repaired twice.

Power windows shot.

Heater core replaced three times, is a constant problem.

General Comments:

Has an awesome turn radius.

Not that fast, but lots of power, does not drive much different when loaded. Reliability is good, although has some minor problems. The engine and transmission is very good and has no problems. Going to the dealer is a big rip off. Does good in snow and off road, but is limited by ground clearance. Good quality for a domestic SUV, and much better than the newer blazers (95- present). Although this car does have constant problems with the heater core, rust, the front end and the rear breaks. But I am very impressed with it performance over the years.

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Review Date: 26th February, 2005

1991 GMC Jimmy SKE 4.3L V6 from North America


Expensive, but reliable


The engine has gone out. The transmission and transfer case have gone out as well.

General Comments:

The engine block and heads cracked this winter. Causing the engine to over heat and spin the bearing.

The transmission and transfer case gave stopped working. I am not getting rid of this truck, I love it to much. I am now working on putting a 327 small block Chevy in it right now. I am also putting in a new transmission and transfer case.

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Review Date: 28th February, 2004

1991 GMC Jimmy S-15 SLE 4.3L from North America


A reliable truck


Oil pressure switch 120k miles

The gasket for the oil filter lines had to be replaced 110k miles

I've been through two oxygen sensors 80k and 110k miles

Some of the spark plugs are very hard to replace.

Stabilizer bar bushings 125k miles

Lower ball joints 90k miles

Gas tank rusted out 100k miles

The water pump 120k miles

Drivers side power window motor 130k miles

Rebuilt Transmission 72k miles.

General Comments:

The engine has been rock solid and not given me any problem yet.

It's been a good truck, but I wish the cargo area would be a full 4 feet across to load 4 x 8 plywood without having to put them on top of the wheel well.

It's a comfortable ride.

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Review Date: 2nd April, 2003

21st Mar 2005, 16:48

I did find this review very informative.. Thanks :) I just bought my first 1991 Jimmy 4x4. a real good guidline as to what may happen. thankyou!

16th Sep 2005, 10:07

My 91 Jimmy has been a great little truck. I am going on 200k and have done very minor maintenance. My engine has also been rock solid and still burns no oil whatsoever. GMC really had their stuff together on this one.

12th Apr 2007, 08:13

My 91 jimmy has had many problems with burning oil only at 100k it is a POS.

1991 GMC Jimmy SLE 4.3 V6 from Puerto Rico


Good vehicle, withstands abuse


The electric fuel pump has been replaced twice.

The 4x4 is not working properly.

General Comments:

This Sport Utility Vehicle had withstand abuse like; not changing its motor oil for a year, and still gives good service.

Overall handling is stiff (It's a truck).

The motor has a lot of power and torque, it's a very reliable engine.

The seats are very comfortable.

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Review Date: 5th April, 2002

1991 GMC Jimmy SLE 350 from North America


Long lasting truck


Starter 3 months after I got it.

Heater core 3 years after I had it.

General Comments:

Great truck for towing and going thru snow in winter and mud in summer.

Runs great on both gas and propane.

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Review Date: 16th April, 2001

1991 GMC Jimmy SLE 4x4 4.3 liter from North America


Paint peeling off terribly. Electrical problems since day one. Rust problems that GM wouldn't back up. Heater core rupture. 4 wheel transfer case operates poorly. Hardware problems galore.

General Comments:

Anyone who has had a Jimmy or Blazer or Bravada should replace the cap and rotor every 3-4 years. It will greatly improve performance and mileage. I have treated my truck extremely well. It's never been off road or spent a night outdoors. I only have 53,000 miles on it. The 91-93 models ride very rough and do not ride very well on the highway due to a very stiff suspension. If you add about 150lbs of weight in the back, the ride smooths out much better.

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Review Date: 29th June, 1998

3rd Apr 2001, 20:32

I have a 93 GMC Jimmy 4 wheel drive. It has tore up so many times. BUT it will go through a mud hole like you have never seen before. I guess that is why it has tore up so much. But I like it when I can out do a Toyota 4runner baby. So I am somewhat satisfied.