3rd Nov 2002, 01:55

I have a 91' Jimmy and it has over 150,000 miles on it and it is still running great. A few minor problems and a little rust on the back hatch, but overall it is a great truck.

5th Nov 2002, 12:38

Yesterday I sold my 1991 GMC Jimmy, with 157,000m, something that I really didn't want to do. My father bought that truck off the show-room floor almost 12 years ago, and it had been passed down to me. It was the most sentimental object that I think I will ever own in my life. The thing that hurts the most, is that I had to sell it for less than $500.00! Granted that it did have problems: Wrecked front end, electrical problems, bald tires, didn't pass smog, things like this. I wanted to fix it up new and drive it for another hundred thousand miles, but I just didn't have the financial freedom to do that, so I did the only thing I could do, sold it. I will miss that truck dearly...

11th Apr 2003, 00:22

I own a 91' S-15 Jimmy that I bought new. It has been a pretty dependable truck (Fuel pump@ 36000 and Lower ball joints@ 38000). The main complaint I have is that it has a very stiff suspension. I was naive enough to believe that it would soften after a few miles, but after some 80,000 miles, it is as stiff as ever. No problem with the paint or rust yet, but I live in Oklahoma and it is always garaged. I wish there is was some after market suspension that I could buy to soften the ride a little.

26th Aug 2003, 14:05

Brought my 1991 Chevy S-10 Blazer with 65,000 miles on it. It currently has over 204,000 miles and still runs very well. No major problems other than one bad 4wd vacuum module that was $15.00 from the dealer and $85 for the mechanic to install. The heater cores are a pain to replace, but other than that it will take me anywhere I need to go. A great truck to own. If my new truck last as long it will be a few years before I buy another vehicle. New truck is a 03' GMC Sonoma Ext. Cab 4x4.

22nd Feb 2004, 19:07

I own a 1992 GMC Jimmy. I bought it with 155,000 miles and have replaced a few parts (heater core, oil lines, pushbutton 4x4, shocks). It has been a pretty decent vehicle other than the 4x4. It hasn't really worked since I bought it and I now have 200,000 miles on it. The 4 lo was working for a while, but the 4 hi wasn't. Now it won't work period. If anyone has had a problem like this please reply. I think it's in the fuse box. When I pull the TCCM fuse and push it in it will reset the 4x4 and this use to help.

6th May 2004, 21:05

My friend has a '91 Jimmy 4X4 and I just fixed the strangest oil leak I've heard about or seen. The rear of the drivers side valve cover, just the very corner right next to the shift linkage, was bent up 90* and spewing oil. Looked like the shift linkage was hitting it and it finally bent it enough to leak. Well, it always leaked, but finally was pouring oil out. Anyone ever heard of this happening? If so, please email me at urbncby@nauticom.net.


Scott in Pittsburgh.

9th Aug 2004, 13:11

I have a 1993 Jimmy and I am wondering how to disengage the 4x4. I don't see a switch to convert back to the 2wd so I need a little help if possible. Please email me at stcardwell@yahoo.com.


25th Feb 2005, 14:37

I have a '91 GMC jimmy with 259,000 miles and it still runs smooth. I change the oil every 3,000 miles, I don't accelerate fast and I do basic maintenance. The only real maintance headaches I have had is with worn brake rotors that wear out before there is any sign. Currently I am replacing the distributor. This truck is definitely worth keeping and worth repairing and is reliable. Take good care of your truck.

20th Sep 2005, 17:54

I have a 93 jimmy that I purchased about 8 months ago. My problem my battery keeps draining, I've checked all the light inside, but they are not on. My friend even changed some fuses has anyone else had this type of electrical problem? what could it be. Help! please send your advice to ousley383@netzero.com.

26th Sep 2005, 08:53

Got a 91 jimmy 4x4 v6 didn't come with a manual the power doors keep locking and unlocking by themselves .I wanted to take the fuse out I was wondering if any one could email me a diagram of the fuse box to find out which fuse to pull thanks vrcarlson@mikes.net.

19th Feb 2010, 04:34

I have a 93 Jimmy. Problem is it turns over fine, but won't start until you crank it 5 or 6 times, then it starts. Seems more when the car sits for long time hours. Anyway, thanks for any help.


30th Jul 2012, 02:52

It's your alternator guaranteed. Not hard to replace, and fairly cheap.

2nd Nov 2012, 17:04

Yeah, I'm going to look at a 91 Jimmy 4x4. Are there any problems that I should look for that will throw a red flag not to buy? I'm not looking to buy it, then throw another grand or two, just to get it running right or pass safety. Text me at 314 475 0146.

13th Nov 2012, 16:14

My 91 Jimmy was doing the same thing. Turns out, that my power door lock motor to the left rear door was hanging up when used, and draining the battery over night.