1997 GMC Jimmy SLE from North America


Clean Junk


Everything has gone wrong with this car... master cylinder, no A/C, and now I am hearing that the 1997 Jimmy is the only year that GM has with a defective ignition switch.

General Comments:

Not worth the hassle.

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Review Date: 31st January, 2007

1997 GMC Jimmy SLT 4.3 from North America


Right now very frustrating, when I first bought it loved it


Interior lights flash on and off periodically during the day and evening for the past 2-3 years.

Key-less door entry only open Driver door and glass hatch back, does not lock car.

Interior door lock sometimes does not lock all of the doors, you have to manually lock them. Drive it a few feet and it might work.

Car will start and travel a few feet and then stall, no interior lights nothing. Let it sit and try to start it again, sometimes it will turn over and other times it sounds like it wants to turn over, but won't.

Did have to have a new transmission put in at about 50,000 but that has worked fine up until recently, now it is leaking.

General Comments:

I love the comfort and feel of the vehicle. Has had good power and handling on long trips.

Seating is a little tight for four average size adult. Those of us that are 5'5" and below it sits fine.

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Review Date: 30th March, 2006

16th Jul 2006, 21:38

This owner may be a female. If so, that height is average.

17th Jul 2007, 13:13

I had the same problem with the stalling and starting. On the GMC msg board most people say they fix the problem by either replacing the igniton switch or the fuel pump. I made the mistake of replacing my fuel pump first and it ended up being just my switch. Now it starts fine and never stalls.

1997 GMC Jimmy lst from North America


Overall, quite reliable, but be prepared for many repairs


Transmission rebuild at 25,000 miles - incorrectly installed dipstick allowed water from windshield dripping onto the top of dipstick - some water got in and destroyed all seals.

On 3rd alternator since 85,000 miles

On 3rd water pump since 88,000 miles

Wiper control board failed - replaced (recall)

About 45,000 miles - fuel gauge went ($700 to replace - still using trip meter to know when to fill up)

Idler arm (front suspension) replaced at 90,000

Both oil cooler lines (4wd) leaking very badly since 70,000

Brakes replaced at: 20K, 40K, 75K and 85K (mostly front)

Leaks oil at front and rear main seals.

3rd battery installed at 85,000

Cold air enters cabin through steering column since beginning - took to dealer number of times - they could not figure it out what the issue was.

Throttle sticks at idle speed when engine is cold.

General Comments:

Very comfortable ride (have luxury suspension package). Seats are comfy and still in very good shape.

Handles very well.

So far it failed me with full stop on the road twice (alternator failure and out of gas due to failed fuel gauge).

Overall, quite reliable.

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Review Date: 27th December, 2005

30th Jul 2006, 12:55

In reading these GMC Jimmy reviews, I'm noticing a lot of water pump replacements and cooling system complaints. Does anyone know if this could be caused by the Dex-Cool? I have a Jimmy that has had 3 water pumps replacements, as well as, a new radiator due to a leak. I have 2 Fords with the green coolant and have had no issues with either.

Just wondering if I should flush out the Dex-Cool and switch to the green stuff???

20th Oct 2006, 12:42

Did you have to fight with the dealer over the wiper module recall? I did, mine refused to honor the recall.

My fuel gauge doesn't work either, and was talking to someone with a newer Silverado, they also have this problem...

Like you, I'm driving by the trip odometer.

No wonder GM is in trouble.

24th May 2007, 16:06

Just bought a 97 SLT with 287000 km on the odometer. Mind you, I paid about 12% of the original sticker price. Mileage is as per the comments--not so hot. Given what I've read on this site--by now everything should have been replaced--about six times. The interior is lovely, the leather seats so comfortable, and the ride is great for a ten year old car... just goes to show that once in a while you'll find a big plump grapefruit on a lemon tree.