2001 GMC Jimmy SLE 4.3 Vortec V6 from North America


If newer vehicles weren't so expensive I wouldn't be tolerating this one


Exhaust Y-pipe falling apart and getting noisy.

Intake manifold gaskets leaked coolant.

Heat/A-C mode doors broke.

Driver's door hinges sag even with new pins and bushings.

Rear washer lines popped apart and caused a huge washer fluid flood in cargo area.

Suspension parts all going bad (every one of them).

Rear disc brakes seizing up in brackets due to corrosion, causing excessive wear.

Brake light switch on pedal failed a few times.

Emissions air pump system is glitchy and messes up about once a year (right before inspection, usually).

Brake lines rusted apart (near accident!).

Fuel lines rusted apart.

Gas tank straps rusted and caused a fuel leak when the gas tank started shifting.

Multiple ground wires rusting, causing electrical anomalies.

Battery tray rusted.

Rear leaf spring shackles rusted.

Vapor canister bracket rusted apart and I can't find a replacement.

I think I can hear this thing rusting while it sits in my garage.

General Comments:

Looks like it's been 10 years since someone last left a review for one of these mechanical marvels here, so I'll just add my .02: These trucks still suck!

It's easy to see why GM lost lots of loyalty when they peddled vehicles like these flimsy things to their customers. The first generation of S-trucks were much more reliable than these, and my own experience with them is the same as many of the other reviews on here. I had good experiences with the pickup variants, which is why I tried the SUV, but I think I'm learning to regret that now.

I'll give it good marks for comfort, since any vehicle I can get comfortable in should have at least an honorable mention being that I'm 6'4". BUT...

The handling on this SUV is like driving a shopping cart at 60; it's all over the place most of the time, and if it's in high winds it turns into a fight just to keep it somewhat straight. I'm constantly replacing suspension parts, especially ball joints. Surprisingly I haven't yet had any trouble with the wheel bearings (knocking on wood as I type this).

Then there's the intake manifold gasket issue that plagues many GM motors of this vintage. The 3.8 V6 in my former Camaro had the same thing happen. That vehicle, and now this one, were the only ones where I hadn't immediately changed out the stupid Dex Cool for a universal coolant. I think I now understand why many call it Dex KILL.

I've had heavier V8 vehicles that got better mileage than this bucket does, although on a straight highway run it has gotten about 22-24 MPG, but never consistently. Anything remotely resembling city driving and I'm lucky to see 15 MPG. For that mileage it sure would be nice if it actually felt like it had some HP, although currently the leaking exhaust may be contributing to that.

I realize that vehicles on salted winter roads will rust, but this truck has rusted just as bad as the junk they were making in the 1970s with inferior steel.

Most of these repairs I've been able to handle myself, but I'm not getting any younger and I'm sick of having to wrench on the Jimmy every 3 months, outside of normal maintenance. The worst thing is the brake and fuel line sets, multiple problems there, all due to rust.

I'm getting rid of this Jimmy as soon as I can; unfortunately I need a 4x4 for the winters so I'll stick with it until something major fails and unload it then, if it doesn't kill me first. Ever seen the side-frontal crash test videos on these? Watch those if you really want to know what kind of standards these were built to.

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Review Date: 24th April, 2019

28th Apr 2019, 03:30

Ball joints, ball joints, ball joints. It's what they do ;)

5th May 2019, 03:57


2001 GMC Jimmy SLS 4.3 from North America


Good SUV, but with its share of problems


Within only 20000k I had to replace my alternator, starter, intake manifold, belt, signal stat, pinion seal, and I had a bad ground problem which would not allow me to start the Jimmy sometimes (starter wouldn't engage)

Even with all these problems, the alternator, starter and belt are just wear and tear, very minor problems really, but the intake manifold was the expensive fix. The big problem with the intake manifold is which coolant GM was putting in their vehicles, that's what caused the intakes to leak.

General Comments:

Even with all these problems, I really loved my Jimmy, very comfortable ride, good handling considering, and good 4x4.

Also the 4.3 is a great engine in my opinion, but sucks back gas.

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Review Date: 21st January, 2009