19th Jun 2002, 16:39

I too have a 1999 Jimmy and I am replacing the heater core at 47,000 miles. Unfortunately, I DID purchase the extended warranty, only to find out that the heater core will not be covered under warranty! This was very frustrating to say the least. I am currently up to my neck in dash board with no relief in sight. I WILL NOT purchase another Jimmy, possibly not another GM product again. This is the second Jimmy that I have had... SHAME ON ME!!!

28th Nov 2002, 11:12

I have a 1999 Jimmy also and was just informed my $1400 extended warranty will not cover the "blocked heater core". The vehicle has 57, 000 miles and I just had to replace the front wheel bearing. The dealer said he could try to blow out the clog and if that did not work, replace it. This is very expensive he informed me on the answering machine and 3 days later at that! I now have to wait until Mon. morn to have them start work (they have had the car since 11/25 and now they are closed Thanksgiving thru Sun.) They have informed me the rental car is only covered for 2 days and I am responsible for the rest of the days. I was thinking of buying a new SUV in the fall, but believe me, It will not be a GMC. And I will not buy an extended warranty for any vehicle. When you use it once, they figure they gave you enough service-Livid in MN.!!

7th Apr 2004, 13:09

1998 Jimmy 4x4 SLT

Where do I start? Every window motor has been replaced. Trany leak less than 60,000 km, Rear end locked up less than 70,000 km and the CHECK ENGINE LIGHT has been playing hide n seek the whole time I have owned this truck. Exxcellent for comfort terrible on gas. Truck still lokks great, but what a lemon hidden behind the mango appearance.

4th Oct 2004, 18:19

Yes, I too own a 1999 Jimmy with 68k miles and have had my share of problems. Alternator, rotors, brakes, water pump, heater core, tires, front bearings, etc, etc, etc. This sucks. In the last week I have replaced my alternator and my water pump. Still no heat. I am now thinking of a trade instead of fixing the heater core.