4th Aug 2010, 18:07

I am buying a 99 Jimmy SLS with 102,000 miles. It seems to run good, but I don't know if I should spend the extra money on the extended warranty. Any suggestions?

Also it seemed when I test drove it that the gas gauge was fluctuating. The dealer said it was a floating gauge but I am unsure of that. Any ideas what else I should inspect or look for?

The brakes seemed to have a minor squeak too. I am a coal miner and can fix anything, but I have never owned one of these, and don't know what really to look for that goes bad on them, any suggestions? davedouty76@gmail.com


24th Aug 2010, 15:02

I bought my 1999 in excellent condition, not a scratch a ding or a miss, garage kept for very cheap. I knew of their reputations being very very very bad, but I am very knowledgeable about their poor engineering.

I have averted frozen brake calipers, as the pistons are a bakelite type that swells and freezes and have replaced. Emergency brakes actually wear and fail, heaven knows why.

The heater core just began to leak inside the vehicle, so I bought oxalic acid, as the coolant system clogged further, and cleaned the coolant system 3 times (there is no other way to remedy this Dexcool problem), to prevent a hot blown engine and/or tranny disaster waiting to happen. This is the only way to clean them, and I installed another type of coolant, which worked of course. No problem since.

The seat adjusters break off because they are made of pot-metal, nothing cheaper. The rear end differential is prematurely worn out (I tow nothing!) and humming awful but will last.

Everything under the hood alternator, A/C compressor and many other components failed and have been replaced, 2nd gear in tranny is going, all exterior plastic is crumbling and it is garaged each day and night.

I could go on but I will be selling this thing cheap. I started working on cars at 16 and I'm 58. I have never owner or heard about vehicles this bad.

My opinion is that GMC was criminal in regard to selling these new with any knowledge. Anyone so much as considering this or similar GMC jalopies should walk on, don't look back as no average person can afford to do anything with these. You could enter a car lot and blindfolded pick anything else and do better. I believe that.

2nd May 2011, 15:34

I wonder why all the American car companies are struggling? The sooner they go away, the sooner we can have less junk on the road. Heck, even Hyundai and Kia have gotten their acts together. Don't remember any Asian car companies taking bail out money. Goodbye Government Motors!! I'm sticking with Nissan!!

1st Aug 2014, 17:57

1999 GMC Jimmy. It was biggest piece of junk I ever owned. I hated it. Broke down many times. I will never buy a GM product again.