1999 GMC Jimmy SLS from North America




Front seats had to be replaced at 1,200 miles.

Loose shock mounting bolts at 1,200.

Right side electric mirror replaced at 1,667.

Replaced weather strip on right door 1,667.

Exhaust Leak due to missing nut from Exhaust stud at manifold at 3,461.

Front headlight assembly replaced at 4,002.

All stripes replaced at 4,002.

Right side electric mirror replaced 4,002.

Stripes replaced again at 20,000.

Replaced faulty right rear speakers at 20,976.

Replaced drivers seat recliner mechanism 20,976.

Replaced both outside rear view mirrors badly fading at 20,976.

Replaced both doors outer glass seal 20,976.

New battery positive post broken 22,001.

Replaced passenger seat recliner handle due to shaft broken 22,001.

Replaced all decal stripes again 22,001.

Repaired broken ground wire to cigarette lighter housing 22,001.

Replacement of lower cooler line at transmission at 37,621.

Replaced pinion seal for the front axle at 39,092.

Replaced both inner CV boots for the front axles at 52,204.

Replaced the both side hub and bearing and seal at 52,204.

Replaced 2 rear support struts for rear hatch window at 56,003.

Reprogrammed computer with updated calibrations at 56,003.

Replaced left outer CV boot at 56,003.

Replaced both lower and left upper ball joints at 56,003.

Replaced pressure cycling switch at 68,078.

Replaced cracked intake gaskets at 68,078.

Replaced outer CV boot at 68,078.

Replaced Front axle at 68,078.

Replaced right front wheel hub at 78,487.

Replacing as I write this the front axle seal 80,011.

General Comments:

Those were only some of the things I have taken it in for, its on it 4th set of brakes, and a lot of things the dealerships say its normal for the jimmy and is not fixable, As you see its spent more time in the shop than I have had it. It is a very costly vehicle, both in buying and repairing.

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Review Date: 30th December, 2003

13th Jan 2004, 05:09

I experienced most of your problems.

12th Jul 2004, 20:05

I have had many of the same problems. I would not ever buy another Jimmy.

2nd Mar 2005, 11:46

I have had no problems with my 99 Jimmy and if those things happened at that low of miles maybe you should learn how to drive. I've got 200,000 miles on mine and only had ball joints replaced which is normal, all else runs like a charm like when it was new.

1999 GMC Jimmy SLS 4.7 Vortec from North America




Both front wheel bearings had to be replaced.

Transmission had to be fully repaired.

Oil lines, both out and return lines had to be replaced.

4WD transmission motor had to be replaced ($1950.00).

Driver information cluster had to be replaced (Thank god it was under warranty on this one)

Both front door hinges had to be replaced, water was leaking inside.

As you're driving (summer or winter), there's always hot air coming at foot level, even with the temperature control switched off.

General Comments:

All, except one of the above problems happened after the warranty ended. So this car really put our finances in bed shape. GM off course adopts the policy (you bought it, its yours).

I would never buy this car again.

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Review Date: 16th September, 2003

30th Sep 2003, 09:29

I agree with Steven. This car is not well engineered, nor would I ever buy a GM vehicle again.

14th Dec 2003, 23:23

I have a 1999 GMC Jimmy SLT and I can't seem to get the brakes to stop squeaking, my husband put new breaks on the front 2 times in the past 6 months, they stop squeaking for a day then go right back to the same old thing. The leather interior is starting to crack. I would never buy another one again so buyers beware!!!