1999 GMC Jimmy from North America


It's a lemon


My 1999 jimmy was a very good vehicle until I reached 45000 mile. since then I have replaced both brakes rotors and wheel bearings. I have the floating fuel gauge so I refuel every 220 miles. i"ve had to replace the seat adjustment latch twice and now I have a load clicking noise when I make a right hand turn. after reading about all the other problems, I think I will sell it before I get there. won't buy another gm product.

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Review Date: 2nd April, 2008

1999 GMC Jimmy SLE 4.3L from North America


This truck is awesome


Front Passenger Seat lever broke off.

Rear sagged a bit.

Four wheel drive vacuum broke.

General Comments:

This could most likely be the best vehicle I have ever driven.

I've only had a couple problems that I easily fixed myself.

I have beaten the crap out of this thing by taking it mud bogging and it has taken everything I have thrown at it.

I have beefed it up a little bit by adding a performance exhaust system and a cold air intake and the resulting power was amazing for a v6.

The only bad thing about this truck is the gas mileage. I get 14 mpg on a good day, and I don't get too many good days.

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Review Date: 1st February, 2008

2nd Feb 2008, 18:54

Wait till the wheels fall off it because the ball joints are shot. Both upper and lowers. Replaced 4 times in 80,000 miles Trans starts slipping in reverse started at 64,000 better get it to the trans shop because its ready to let you sitting. Rear differential starts leaking at the seal 4 times in 80,000.Alternator quits working 3 times in 80,000 Mine and my cousins same problems. I wouldn't buy another gm if someone gave it to me.

9th Jul 2010, 09:40

I've had mine for 220,000 miles on it since new in 2000, and have had some of what would I consider regular maintenance changes. Too bad I couldn't bring it to Dallas, and left it back home...

1999 GMC Jimmy SLT 4.3L from North America


Expensive to run after 5yrs old


Key got stuck in the ignition twice. First time, it would not start either and cost me $125 plus towing for the "electrical" problem. Second time it was the solenoid switch and now I use a pen to get my key out of the ignition every time.

Once the truck is in 4WD, it doesn't always go back into 2WD right away. Sometimes takes 20+ tries.

Brakes have been replaced twice.

Fuel pump went at about 175 000 km.

Water pump went at about 185 000 km.

Door hinges replaced once.

Driver door no longer locks remotely.

Paint is cracking on the hood.

Drivers seat heater doesn't work.

Heater blower was replaced at about 150 000 km.

Cargo cover doesn't stay in place anymore.

ALL bearings have been replaced and some need to be done again.

Idle arm? is loose.

ABS not working at 175 000 km.

Gas gage got stuck, had to hit the gas tank with a hockey stick to get it moving again.

General Comments:

This truck gets me out of snow banks, but I don't trust it on country roads as it doesn't handle very well.

The engine runs beautifully.

Uses too much gas.

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Review Date: 21st January, 2008

1999 GMC Jimmy from North America


I read all these negative issues with Jimmy's and I have had 5 in a row-still own 2 and love these vehicles. Most reliable vehicles ever owned-My 1994 went airborne and upside down-someone cut me off-I walked away unharmed. All vehicles have maintenance needs-very good truck.

General Comments:

I think these are the most well built, reliable vehicles in the world.

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Review Date: 7th November, 2007

1999 GMC Jimmy sle 4.3 from North America


Cash incinerator


Transmission went in under 100,000, ball joints, you joints, cv axles, rear calipers, fuel sending unit, idler arm etc.

General Comments:

Car was comfortable to drive excellent in snow. But it was just one thing after another going wrong... GM fan, but I would never buy another jimmy unless I was a millionare.

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Review Date: 3rd October, 2007