1999 GMC Jimmy sle 4.3 from North America


I am very pleased with it


I replaced the right front hub bearing at about 90,000 miles. Needs oil cooler lines & idler arm.

General Comments:

First of all I don't know what was replaced or maintained before I purchased my jimmy. However I really have not had much trouble with mine. I work in an automotive shop, so I see what things are common on all cars to go wrong. For example I had to replace my right front hub bearing witch are common on a gmc jimmy, sanoma, Chevy blazer & s 10's just like the oil lines not a big deal. All vehicles are known for certain things to go wrong. It happens to everyone. I actually love my jimmy & have had many compliments on it. I have a slight leak in my oil lines, but I'm too worried about it at this point. Its nice to have in the winter. Also it does pretty good on gas for a mid-sized SUV with a six cylinder motor. It will get up move when I need it. The only thing I don't care for is... well I can't think of anything!

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Review Date: 28th July, 2007

23rd Jun 2008, 15:24

I own a 1999 SLT 4.3l leather tow pkg. fully loaded jimmy.

I love this SUV. It's fantastic in winter. It's got 220k klms on it, and by no means were they "soft" klms. I'm a animal behind the wheel. I've driven 160klms/hr for hours on end, I brake stand, I lay rubber and jack rabbit start. Just to name a few bad driving habits. I bounce over curbs with no worries.

I've put maybe $1000 in parts into it. I could get from Toronto to Montreal on 1 tank of gas {540kms}.

Now it's 2008 and she doesn't like me no more! I've replaced f/r wheel bearing, then the left one... {but you should replace both at same time I found out}, so when other side went I replaced both.

Alternator and battery went.

Gas sending unit is broke.

Rear wiper doesn't work.

Various front end leaks, no biggie.

Replaced both f/r brakes.

Vacuum switch {for 4x4}, fixed.

Last year I bought a boat. I've been towing 2000 lbs now for a year. So all my rough driving is now taking its toll. Needs: new diff cover and gasket.. new backing plates both sides, new oil coolant lines, steering box off 5deg. new transfer case chain {replaced already}.

The dimmer light that goes on when you enter / exit doesn't come on any more.

Driver's side door sags.

Both windows make some weird noise 5-10 seconds after I close them.

Front l wheel squeak.

Rear hatch window squeaks at random.

New front CV joint seals.

Transfer front and rear seals.

Oh... repaired shift cable, and rear baggage retractable cover handle broke.

So because of my bad driving habits, I've got to fix all this or let her go. I've read a few comments, and they are all bad.

Did I get the cream of the crop? I'm sure I drive "harder" than ALL other people who posted comments, but less problems than them.

So in closing, I'm giving my Jimmy a 4 star {outta 5}. You people who have problems with your Jimmy should maybe get repairs done by a "cert" mechanic, not "backyard mechanics".

Last word: Great SUV, if driven properly.

1999 GMC Jimmy SLS 4.3L Vortec from North America


Decent enough to drive, WAY too expensive to fix!


Not necessarily in the order they happened...

Both front wheel bearings replaced... one at 180k, the other at 209k.

Drivers seat recliner handle missing since I bought it.

Alternator died at ~208k, taking out the battery with it.

Both doors sagging slightly, passenger door slightly bent from previous break in.

Driver's door panel ripped completely off one day while closing the door. Replaced little plastic tree things TWICE before this. Is now held on by screws.

Fuel pump failed around 180k, while on vacation!

Passenger window makes weird crack/snap noise when closing, when almost to the top.

Gas mileage blows - usually about 450km to a tank, mainly city... anywhere from 400-600 on long highway trips, provided its FLAT.

Has absolutely NO power on hills.

- Tranny shifts randomly between gears

- If cruise control is on, and you come up to a SLIGHT incline, it will downshift to what sounds like first, revving itself up to redline, causing it to misfire and flash the engine light at me. (Codes - "Random Cylinder Misfire", "Cylinder 4 Misfire" (several times), and "Random/Multiple Cylinder Misfire"

Right now have a wretched squeaky groan from the front drivers side, so bad you can hear me coming from a block away. I'm told probably worn/dried out bushings... which are going to stay that way indefinately.

Had it parked for about 3 weeks while out of town; came back, hood wouldn't pop up unless you hit it, and the ebrake lost all grab. Haven't bothered fixing either.

Haven't really used the 4x4 option all that much, other than for a few days this past winter when we got nearly 3 feet of snow. Worked fine then. Tried it the other week and nothing seems to happen when pushing the button, but holding it for a few seconds seems to kind of wake it up and engage the front...

A LOT of road noise at speeds over 80 km/h.

I'm sure there's other random small things that I can't think of right now...

General Comments:

I fell in love with this truck.. I wanted something big and black that could take me to the camping spots (and over the curbs!) my little Nissan disliked. It was comfy to drive (15 hours to Alberta!) and I don't have any complaints about the interior... Unfortunately, all the repairs have been pretty expensive, which I'm NOT too thrilled with.

I'm also coming to realize that although you CAN fit a LOT of stuff into this truck, I really have almost no use for all the space anymore... I plan on getting rid of it and getting another Pulsar.

Once you've had t-tops, you won't want anything else.

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Review Date: 23rd July, 2007

22nd Oct 2007, 00:18

I had the same problem with the hood on my similar GMC Sonoma pick-up. I had to hit the hood before it would open and finally hitting it did not work. Had to repair because it caused my truck to fail a state inspection as the inspector where I took it looks under the hood. I agree that these vehicles are nothing, but problems.

I am happy now because the Sonoma is no longer in commission and will soon be sold and I am driving a very reliable Nissan Maxima.

10th Feb 2010, 20:22

I realize that you had a lot of repairs, but any vehicles with 180,000 to 200,000 miles is all due to failure over time. All those things you mentioned in my opinion fall under general things to maintain. Sorry, vehicles don't last forever.