1999 GMC Jimmy SLT from North America


Consumer Choice should rate this GMC Jimmy 1999 SLT as a bad purchase


Fall of 2003 - the heating coil was clogged. (Dealership cleaned out the clog, but forgot to clean the radiator)

Cost $1100 to fix.

Fall of 2004 - heater stopped again - had a leak in the intake manifold and the water pump - the vally pan was mixing with oil and antifreeze. Cost $1300 to fix.

Due to a previous owner accident - was unaware that the factory sunroof was leaking - causing my 4 wheel drive computer to burn up. No 4x4 on this vehicle currently - as it cost up-wards of $900 to fix.

General Comments:

Over all - the first year I had my Jimmy I loved it! It was a great car - had the works on it - 4x4, leather and heated seats, power everything, 6 disk CD changer...

The end of the second year of owner ship - the vehicle started to have a lot of issue - the 4x4 computer burned up. Then the heater stopped working and after fixing it last year - had to fix it all again this year. For only have 75K miles on it... that is ridiculous. I HATE this car! It was the worst purchase I could have made. Buyer be ware! The dealership was awful - and the car is costing more than it is worth.

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Review Date: 29th December, 2004

31st Dec 2004, 11:09

Response to the comments...

My family had all owned GMC and Chevy products before.

No I didn't get a carfax - before purchasing this vehicle - I did later and found taht it had been in a minor accident.

What is minor to you or me might be major to someone else.

No visible damage. The vehicle looked good - at the dealer.

No - nothing dropped on my noggin' from the sun/moon roof it all ran down into the car - not me - not visible.

Again - this is a lemon - as you can read many others agree. It is a bad purchase and it is only getting worse. Can't wait to pawn it off onto a dealer and move on with a NEW car.

Good luck to all of you.

1999 GMC Jimmy SLT 4.3L from North America


Me and Jimmy are a great Match, awesome vehicle!


The front passenger door resistor broke the very day I bought it. It must have been slightly ceased and just broke right off so now the door does not stay open on it's own.

Front wheel bearings had to be replaced recently after 106000km. I thought it was just the ball joints needing replaced, but it turned out to be a $1000 repair. Should have lasted longer I think.

The hatch leaks quite a bit of dust on gravel roads in the summer, but only in around the window and doesn't really come in the cabin.

Mileage computer is slightly tricky to reset after fueling up.

General Comments:

This truck is awesome in the winter, in fairly deep snow or icy roads. It handles great in a spin. The auto 4x4, is amazing in getting around town.

The heated seats are the best, once you have them you never go back. Leather is so much easier to clean and look after.

It has wonderful space, I am tall and so is the rest of my family and we are very comfortable in it for long distances. Cargo space is roomy, and extendible cover is added security.

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Review Date: 20th December, 2004

1999 GMC Jimmy SLT 4.3 Liter Vortec V6 from North America


I really enjoy driving my Jimmy a lot.


So far there has only been the battery that needed to be replaced.

During this warmer summer months, I have notice the automatic transmission shifting rough and some slippage. I have also notice an odd smell of the fluid. But now that the weather is getting cooler, the transmission seems to be shifting better.

I am noticing some noise at around 55 miles per hour. And I am noticing a clunking action when shifting into drive or reverse. More than likely it is the universal joints wearing out. But my Jimmy has almost 90 thousand miles on it, I can expect that to wear out eventually.

In rather windy weather, the Jimmy seems to be pushed about very easily. And seems to be very difficult to handle in high cross wind conditions.

General Comments:

The leather seating is very comfortable.

At highway speeds, it is quiet and very comfortable.

The monochromatic mirrors are very nice to have. Blocking the glare from vehicle behind me. Their high beams will not blind me any more.

The automatic climate control is also very nice to have. No more fumbling with the controls, especially in heavy city traffic.

The automatic sound control is also very nice to have. Maintaining a comfortable audio level, even at highway speeds.

The fog lights are well designed, aiming light where I need it most. The lights are especially helpful in heavy lake effect snowfall.

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Review Date: 22nd September, 2004