1999 GMC Jimmy SLE 4.3L Vortec V6 from North America


Fun and comfortable vehicle. If you treat it well, it'll behave!


First the tires had about 1/8" tread left, but that's normal wear and tear, that's one of the reasons the dealer service is low. (I got some good deals so it was $120 retreaded summers, 2 months old, $500 high quality winter 900 km).

Back right connecting rod bearing was toast at 214 000 km. Had to have the vehicle towed by CAA for 120 km (free luckily), and my stepfather had to tow me home with his Jimmy for about 800 km. So we replaced the motor, ($350 for the motor, $200 for a new oil pan, since the engine came off a 2X4 S-10, + $200 oil pan gasket, fluids, oil filter...).

Once that was done, the entire rear brake assembly needed to be replaced (calipers, rotors, pads) $350. Cheapest parts I could find.

After that all four ball-joints, $150 alignment included.

Thank god I was able to do all that without paying much labour, since I was able to replace everything mentioned.

Now the muffler needs to be replaced and the suspension is rattling; I'm not sure what it is.

General Comments:

Well it handles like an SUV like is supposed to.

This vehicle is awesome in winter conditions, especially since I have the auto 4WD option (all-wheel drive).

Very comfortable ride, although a bit rough on bumpy back roads, more than my mother's Honda Civic.

Very roomy, I'm a musician in a band and it has been quite useful for our shows. And for anything you can need to carry inside.

Lots of towing power and capacity, I've had it loaded with music equipment (big speakers, amps, instruments) with a 4X8 foot trailer loaded with our foldable wooden stages with two people (including driver) on-board and the suspension did not lower at all, it was tugging a bit going up steep hills, but nothing a Jimmy can't handle.

As for off-roading, I'm planning on lifting it and installing 30 inch mudders, but stock it is quite fun off-road. I find it's a bit to low to the ground for a 4X4.

Some people looking at a Jimmy/Blazer, worry about the gas mileage, but I find it's not too bad on gas, compared to a Civic, a trip that can use up 30$ in a Civic, will cost me 40$ (highway, I haven't compared with city driving (probably worse)).

I have blamed all the issues I have had on owner neglect, because it is 10 years old, and it now has 221 500 km.

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Review Date: 15th October, 2009

1999 GMC Jimmy SLS 4.3L Vortec from North America


Awesome, fun, and reliable


Not in any order, but all very recent due to heavy use and abuse.

Front wheel bearings started going bad only after getting stuck in a pond for four hours.

Crankshaft position sensor fusible link blew when off-roading, fixed it on the spot, and now I also have an engine kill switch.

Rear differential exploded during a desert race.

4wd vacuum actuator doesn't engage, I'm guessing because of the aforementioned pond and/or dirt, lots of dirt.

Water pump gave up about a week ago.

Alternator stopped working a few weeks after I installed a 3000 Watt stereo, replaced with an O.E. Duralast Gold at 110A (20A over previous) and my headlights don't dim anymore.

Oh and the levers to tilt both front seats back are weak, the only things I can't understand breaking...

General Comments:

This vehicle (completely stock besides intake and exhaust) has gotten me through some brutal conditions without a complaint, and the things that did break were completely caused by heavy operator abuse.

Very comfortable ride, even on trails.

Has more than enough power to handle anything reasonable, and also enough to handle the unreasonable.

I would like more leg room though, feels slightly cramped after driving a spacious caravan for a few years, but I got used to it quickly.

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Review Date: 6th May, 2009