5th Oct 2010, 22:03

I had the 1999 Jimmy running finally today. It took several tries, but ran well.

Battery drain is still there. Took it on a short drive over gravel roads. Something in the brakes is grinding and braking is just there. Can't lock up the wheels.

The A/C works well, if all you want is heat, lots of heat; anyone have any ideas? The thermostat was changed 2 years ago for this problem. The A/C compressor isn't coming on from what I see when it is selected, and looking under the hood, the pump remains in full stop mode; the face of the A/c doesn't budge.

Driver's side mirror looks like it was overheated. How do I check that?

Driver's door hinges are failing and two warning lights are on -- e-brake and normal brakes.

Tomorrow is another day.


1st Nov 2010, 12:52

OMG! I have read all comments here and I am in fear for my pocket book.

Since I bought the car two months ago I have fixed the right wheel bearing, head gasket, lower ball joints, coolant hose and now the electrical problems start.

There is a constant drain on the battery, I won't bother with replacing the battery etc that everyone else has because this did not solve the issues. The horn beeps constantly when I depart the car because the alarm system keeps rearming itself. Oh and let us not forget about the heater and defroster. They will not work either. That issue will cost at least $800 + because you must remove the dash to repair this problem.

I am so amazed that this car is such a nightmare. Where will it end?

If you are thinking about buying a used Jimmy I recommend you think it over again and buy a different car.

5th Jan 2011, 15:53

My 02 Jimmy is dead in my driveway due to the often mentioned stuck ignition key problem. I'm worried it has ruined the battery, and now the alternator, because when I started it, it wouldn't rev when I took my foot off the pedal.

Like many posts, it started as an intermittent problem, and now won't come out. I'm going to go and try a few things, but so far it seems it's either:

- Ignition key cylinder.

- Ignition switch tumbler assembly.

- Cable running from the shifter to the ignition?

Good luck. I've done repairs as well, but it's not been a bad truck overall. This is a frustrating engineering problem though...

22nd Mar 2011, 21:00

Did you use the anti squeak on the backside of the pads? It could be the brake caliper rubbing around on the pads when you're braking.

21st Apr 2011, 11:12

My Jimmy is a 1999 SLE and I bought it with 180,000 on it. I nursed it back to health from death.

I'm not much of a car mechanic but learned a lot just in the few months I had this car. I had the same problems you stated and dove into learning to fix these problems myself. It's very, very rewarding to hear my Jimmy start up every morning, even if the weather is 40 below zero (without plugging it in).

Maybe you should plan on learning how to fix things on your Jimmy, or any car for that matter, so you know how to fix it when it goes wrong.

21st Apr 2011, 16:30

It's great to hear someone giving some love to these older cars... and learning how to work on them, instead complaining about them or giving them to some mechanic who's on the clock at 80.00 per hour...

6th May 2011, 22:17

Thanks, this helped a lot.

22nd May 2012, 21:49

I had a cooling leak in my 99 Envoy. Gasket on the intake at the rear of the engine. Cost $800.

1st Jun 2012, 22:27

It's definitely your fuel pressure regulator. It's under the secondary fuel intake. It takes about an hour, and costs 50$.

29th Jan 2013, 20:38

I just want to say that your bucking, it could be your intake leaking coolant in your engine, so check your oil.

p.s. And check your coolant level.