1978 GMC Pickup Sierra Grande 1500 350 ci from North America


Old Faithful


Several motors and transmissions between 1981 and 1989. (due to severe punishment by me and the fact that the $3-$400 dollar used motors and transmissions I replaced them with were not much better than the ones I took out.

In 1989 built a 350ci engine and 350TH Trans. with all the goodies. This worked A-1 up until 1997 (Except for a few twisted off drive shafts and the odd tooth or two cut off the ring gear in the rear diff.) when I put the body on to a 1978 4x4 running gear. 350 with 4 spd tranny & lockout hubs 3:07 diffs.

Motor rebuilt top to bottom in 2004 (was the original for 4x4 frame)

Front diff. in 2005.

And all the other stuff that either wore out or I broke.

General Comments:

This truck has hauled every thing from beer to fence stakes, Out ran the law and old girl friends, Raced anything that moved, been through swamps, brooks, rivers and snow drifts.

I've had this old truck since I was 18 it has out lasted every girl friend and dog I ever had (before wife came along)

Amazingly enough the old thing still looks good after all its been through. It still has the origional body panels (Burgundy/Blk top) and the original chrome bumpers & trim.

I wouldn't even dare to guess how much money I've spent on this truck over the years, but it was a lot of fun.

Moved west this summer had to leave the old truck back East in the shed. Plan to go get it in a year or two.

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Review Date: 10th September, 2006

16th Jun 2014, 04:59

The old thing has now even outlasted the wife... Ha!!

16th Jun 2014, 23:14

My Classic has outlasted 2 ex wives and a series of girlfriends. Life is good!