14th Jan 2008, 20:20

Oh yeah... Did I forget to mention that this truck was a fleet truck for much of its life, and they crashed it before I ever got the truck. I got shafted by the guy that sold it to me because he never told me the truck was crashed, he just told me it needed some work that I didn't mind doing. Just a note to the younger drivers out there, look under your next car or truck before you buy.

6th Dec 2008, 17:50

Hey this was my review. I now have a 1992 chevy S10 Blazer 4X4 4 door. It "only" has 226,000 miles on it. The TBI 4.3L motor runs like a champ and the body is nice. The 700r4 trans is bad and it is leaking oil from the remote oil filter line just like my 1989 S15 did. I was thinking of putting some 30 inch General Grabber AT2 tires on the truck to help it in the woods.

5th Dec 2010, 23:29

This was my review... I never got around to fixing the 1992 S10 Blazer, and I scrapped it. I regret doing that... think before you do things, even if you have to think outside the box :)

14th Jul 2011, 01:59

Your poor truck lived a hard brutal life, and to give her away for a measly $230 is sad. You could have more than quadrupled your money if you had parted her out. The engine alone was worth more than that.

It's 2011, and I have a great, all original, power everything; windows, door locks with original fully functional blue digital instrumental dash display, 1989 GMC S-15 Sierra Classic 4x4 Extended Cab, and she is still hauling ass.

The only thing not stock on this truck is the radio. I've had more costly problems from my 2001 Dodge Dakota Quad Sport 4x4. I have a tremendous amount of respect for the S-15. All that you admired in yours is still relevant, and then some in mine. People who know, know that I have something special.