1999 GMC Safari from North America




Brake lines, alternator.

General Comments:

I have owned a Safari for years. I bought a 1988 and had it for 10 years. My brother had a Windstar at the same time, and boasted about the 5 star safety rating it had, and the Windstar died after 3 years.

I just bought a Chev Astro a few days ago, a 1998 with 119,000 klm, and it runs like new. Yes they are there to be worked on, but they are the Chevette of this era, they will go forever.

But you would have to be a fool to tow a 27 foot trailer with it. A 4.3 6 cylinder is not meant to tow something that big. If you continue, your van will not last long. I would not tow that too far with my 95 Tahoe with a 350. Maybe that's why my GMs last so long.

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Review Date: 5th April, 2010

1999 GMC Safari SLT 4.6 Voltec from North America


Great Family Traveling Van


In the 6 years that I have owned the van I have replaced the passengers window motor twice, and the drivers window twice, and at that expense ($300.00 each time) I have learnt to do it myself.

Two years ago I had to replaced the alternator and replaced the battery twice.

Also two years ago the A/C has gone. I'm not sure that it's just a leak in the rear air or is it a major problem up front. As a single Mom I hope I can afford to have it looked at this summer.

As of this past year I have noticed that the van is really starting to rust out underneath, with two outbreaks on the back door.

General Comments:

Over all I have really enjoyed owning the Safari (now with 160000 km on it). The interior is in great shape and with a wash outside the van looks great for 6 years old.

My son and I travel a lot and it is a very comfortable van for travelling. I have good tires on the van and it runs very smooth down the highway, and really has some get up and go. I have been towing a 19' travel trailer and a 10' pop up behind the van and am impressed with the power. You don't even know your towing the pop up.

The downside of the van is it is pricey on gas (especially city driving) and with gas prices rising may force me to look at a 4 cylinder again.

My Father is a large man and I had to order a seat belt extender just for him. They really make short seat belts and I found this odd.

I myself am a tall women of 5'8" and found that they could have made some more leg room up front especially in the front passenger seat.

Other than this I really have been happy with my Safari and will really be happy this summer when the air is fixed.

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Review Date: 26th May, 2006

1999 GMC Safari LS 4.3 from North America


Versatile, great concept, but good luck keeping it in one piece


Air conditioner went out at 10K.

Power windows failed twice (motors)

Right front wheel bearing at 40K at a cost of 1K just in "parts"

Sliding door jams frequently.

Driver door handle fell off.

Arm rests cracked beyond comfort.

Passenger seat plastic protectors fell off.

Frequent pulling and brake issues despite high end life time pads installed (3 times)

Motor failed (crank bearing) at 80K. Motor is junk and will have to be replaced.

General Comments:

I bought this van because it hauls kids and family like there is no tomorrow. The AWD is the best in the snow; however, the front seats do not have any leg room and the car just won't stay together and presents a real safety hazard with it's insufficient brake system. I believe the brake rotors are way too small. My plan was to upgrade the rotors with high end aftermarket high performance parts... until the motor blew up.

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Review Date: 7th February, 2005

17th Jul 2006, 18:51

I am on my second van, this one is better than the first. I love the van, would not change it for any other. None stand up to the wear and tear as good, parts are cheaper than most front wheel drives, and the question is why stop making them after all these years?

27th Aug 2011, 05:04

Wheel bearings cost less than $10 each... one inner.. one outer... they charged you $1,000.00?!!!??? For one wheel bearing job? Even if they replaced the rotor... ($60). Maybe your whole spindle got damaged... were you driving on it for a period of time after noticing something wrong?

27th Aug 2011, 05:05

These V6 4.3 motors usually get 300,000 on them... where are you low on oil? Long overdue for an oil change?

27th Aug 2011, 09:58

The AWD versions have different, more complex bearings.